Saturday, April 16, 2016

9 months!

Elliott is 9 months!

He can wave "hello" and "bye," and makes the cutest little breathy "hiiii" sound to go along with it. He waved to the gorilla at the zoo the other day and I couldn't handle the cuteness. He hasn't figured out how to move his knees and crawl, but he's mastered the army crawl and can get anywhere he wants - and fast! Just yesterday, he tried to pull himself up to standing in his crib, I know he'll get the hang of that in no time at all.
Or, he's just going to walk on all fours like Mowgli.
Just as I suspected from his early sleep laughing, he is quite a jolly little joker. Laughing is his default response for everything that he enjoys. Elevators, fish at the aquarium, slapstick... His favorite word is "stinky." He laughs like crazy when we say it, even if he's mid-wail. He's also super ticklish, so I can always get some good belly laughs that way. He loves playing peekaboo, and think it's hilarious when I dance or make any kinds of sign language signs.

I think he's figuring out that he can make me laugh, too. He makes faces and funny noises, just to see me react.

He loves his sisters, they can always get a laugh out of him. He loves his kitties, too. He likes to pat them whenever possible, and Jon thinks he's also trying to say "kitty." Eli has taken to napping on Elliott's rocker while Elliott naps, which I think is just the sweetest.

Elliott LOVES to eat. Loves it. I'm not sure he's met a food he didn't like. He loves carrots and apples, and has just learned to like broccoli, though I don't think it's his favorite. Really, his favorite is meat. Chicken, pork, salmon, turkey, beef. He loves it all. He frequently shrieks with sheer joy, and now throws his hands straight up in the air when he's satiated, and you better watch out if you have food that you aren't sharing. Babyled weaning is my favorite.

Look at the Little Buddy having a picnic with the big kids! So cute. I can't handle it.
Give me the breakfast. Give it.
Happy because his belly is full of pesto pasta.
This was like a cartoon.
All of my nicknames for him are food-based: Biscuit, Pork Belly, Pork Bun...

Look at that tasty ham hock.
Just this last week, he popped his first top tooth - not a front tooth, but the one just to the right. And then maybe a couple of days ago, his right front tooth finally popped. Still waiting on those top lefties, but now it's really going to hurt when he bites my shoulder...

I took some pics of him rolling around in the playroom the other day, and they make my ovaries hurt.

He is just the sweetest thing, and we love him so, SO much. Often, he is the brightest spot in a day full of his whining and fighting and arguing contrarian sassmaster sisters. I want to eat him alive. I think I'm getting enough sleep now that I actually miss nomming on his tasty face after he's gone to bed at night. I make sure to get lots of nuzzles in overnight, I love his smooshy sleeping face. I mean...

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