Sunday, March 6, 2016

Happy Move-aversary...

One year ago today, we wrapped up a four-day, 1200-mile road trip as our Subaru rolled into our apartment parking slot. We'd never set foot in, or even seen, this apartment complex, and we had no idea how long we would live there. Luckily, everything worked out better than we could have planned, and went super smoothly.

We've packed a lot of big changes into this year. (moving into two new spaces, a new home, a new baby, kindergarten...) We're still unpacking some a lot of our boxes, and if we're being honest, we're still unpacking a lot of our feelings as well. I'm trying to write about my thoughts, but that will have to come later.

We took a fun little outing yesterday, and though we didn't plan this activity specifically to commemorate our move-aversary, but it really was a fitting choice. We'd heard that the University of Washington has some lovely cherry trees and when yesterday dawned on a beautiful blue and sunny day, we thought we'd go check out the early blossoms. We may have to go down next weekend as well, once they are fully in bloom.

We had a heck of a time figuring out where to park, until we realized the spots weren't permitted after noon on Saturdays... I took a couple of shots to test the light while we were getting everything out of the car and got a nice shot of this sweet little face.

As we walked toward the Quad, we passed a building and the sounds of someone practicing an instrument drifted out the windows. As we got around to the front of the building, we saw that it was the School of Music. It sounded like some sort of Taiko drum ensemble was practicing on the other side, and it was sort of an interesting background serenade to our experience.

Maybe Alice and/or Ivy will go here!
We'd never been to the University campus and were quite taken with it's beautiful buildings. Jon and I decided we'd both like to go back to college. Those were the days... 

We were definitely not the only ones there to enjoy the trees, and it was hard for everyone to stay out of each other's photos - especially because the patches of grass were all squashy mud swamps.

In front of the School of Music building were a few of my favorite magnolia trees, the Alexandrina Saucer magnolia. So we went over to see those as well.

It was a lovely little afternoon field trip, and then we found a nearby restaurant for dinner. The kids love going out to eat, and Elliott even got to eat his chicken dinner in a big boy high chair! So here we are, a family of five, a bunch of California kids doing our best to be real Seattle-ites and Washingtonians - though one of us actually is!! So here's to more rain, more adventures, and hopefully not a lot more change. On to the next year!

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