Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Dresses

I was having a tough time deciding on Easter outfits this year, until I saw that Sarah Jane Studios was having an Easter Dress Challenge with Sommer, her new fabric collection. I had been admiring all the prints as she shared them on Instagram, and a challenge was the only push I needed to order enough yardage for two little dresses. I used Painted Gingham in Bloom for the main dress fabric and Sundborn in Blossom for the bottom skirt and bodice lining (which were kind of hilariously similar to their store-bought dresses last year!).
I ordered the fabric with plenty of time to make the dresses, but I procrastinated as long as possible, naturally. I think I got started with exactly one week to spare, and Alice kept saying "Mom, you better start sewing our dresses, it's already Palm Sunday!" Thanks, Alice.

Luckily, I was using the Georgia Twirl Dress pattern from Schwin Designs, which sews up super quick and easy, and always looks great. The length of the skirt and the construction of the bodice is generous enough that the girls can wear these dresses for at least a year (sometimes more!), so I like to make holiday dresses that are versatile enough to last through a few seasons (here are their dresses from 2014). These were perfect for our wet Easter with a cardigan and tights, and we put them on again in the warm sunshine today and they were perfect with bare arms and legs and feet. They should last through the summer and well into fall.
Plus, this pattern is the girls' favorite, because the double layer circle skirt is perfect for spinning.

I always make matching bloomers for these dresses, what with all the spinning...  I use the Diaper Cover pattern from Dana Made It. I've always used the largest size, it's the perfect size for going over cloth diapers and now it's the perfect size for covering their little underpants now. 

Love those long legs and scraped up knees.
The last time I made a round of Georgia Twirl dresses, I realized that the circles cut from the skirt waists would make perfect yo-yo flowers, so every Georgia Twirl will get accessorized with yo-yos from now on. I put one on each bodice, and made a pair of barrettes as well.

back detail
I also got super ambitious and made myself a dress that turned out wonderfully (if I do say so myself). I made the pattern myself, inspired by one of my old favorite dress that I wore to death, and sewed it frantically, finally finishing around 7:30pm on Saturday night before Easter morning. It's the first thing I've made for myself that I really love and I can't wait to make more. The style is so versatile, it could easily work in a luxurious silk or a casual jersey. 

Here's a detail shot of the fabric drawstring neckline (though you can't see the keyhole detail) and the shirring at the waist.
And here's a full shot from Easter Sunday, with everyone (including little Miss Crankpot Ivy). I loved the print of my dress with the sweet gingham of the girls' dresses. 
And here are a few silly shots from our shoot this afternoon!
Look at those knock knees!!

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