Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And Bugsy is 3.

On New Year's Eve, we introduced the kids to one of my favorite traditions and showed them Little Shop of Horrors for the first time. Alice and Ivy both loved it, they wanted to watch it again immediately. Ivy actually said "I love the plant. I like that it eats blood." 

I put Ivy to bed and she wanted her Glow Baby "to play her lullabies," and I took this photo of her last bedtime as a two-year-old. 
I kept asking Ivy what kind of cake she wanted (I meant which flavor) and she kept telling me she wanted a Sadness cake. I haven't had a lot of time to think about or plan for her birthday, but I'd narrowed in on a good idea to make her a Sadness cake. So I whipped up a non-dairy (so I could eat it!), chocolate mayo cake with buttercream frosting and put Ivy's favorite character on it. I love how it turned out, and so did Ivy.

I'd also managed to whip up Ivy's birthday dress in the few days before New Year's Eve, while my parents were here to occupy the kids. I thought the coral corduroy needed some of the accent fabric on the bodice to break up all that pink, so I decided to make a flower. As I was researching flower tutorials, I realized that the circle cut out of the waist of this skirt would make a perfect yo-yo flower.
 Ivy thought so, too!

The girls love these dresses with their spinny circle skirts. 

Alice didn't want Ivy to get all the attention (even on her birthday) so she snuck into the photos wearing the first dress I ever made from this pattern probably two years ago. This is the Georgia Twirl Dress, if you're needing one of your own!

 Ivy opened her gifts and Alice was on clean-up duty. Except Alice kept ripping the paper right out of Ivy's hand, or worse, right off the present itself.

 And then we ate that delicious Sadness cake!
I'm 3!

 She blew out all the candles in one go and was so pleased with herself.

Happy Birthday to my favorite Ivy Bug. You are a hilarious handful. 
Ivy, on her birthday.
Ivy, age 1.
Ivy, age 2.

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