Wednesday, January 13, 2016

6 months

Elliott is six months old today. We should probably start letting him play with real food, but I'm dragging my feet because there's just no going back to that sweet baby breath. When Ivy started eating real food, she smelled like garlic pretty much instantly and exclusively. He's ready though, and I can't keep time from marching along.

I've been shouting my happiness all over social media that Elliott is basically nailing sleep training. He's been sleeping in a swaddle, and though it seemed like he still needed it, he had started rolling over onto his face once he woke up, which the baby owner's manuals do not recommend. I'd tried leaving an arm out of the swaddle or both arms, or ditching the swaddle all together, but he wasn't really going for it.

Another exhausted mom recommended a Facebook group dedicated to sleep training support, so I joined it, read some stuff, took a deep breath and ripped off the band aid. And it worked. He's learning to self-soothe, with only a few minutes of minimal "protest" cries and fussing. But basically, he's putting himself right to sleep for naps and bedtime, and has slept for nine straight hours - without waking to nurse - for a few nights in a row. I knew I was tired, but had no idea how exhausted I really was until I got five straight hours of sleep two nights in a row. Whoa. I think some of the fog is finally lifting, some of the rage is subsiding, and some of my brain cells are growing back.
I finally managed to get some photos of my sweet little guy in front of the Christmas tree, right before we dragged it out to the street. He even sat up unsupported for three whole minutes, without keeling over sideways or backwards.

He is really the sweetest little buddy, such a delicious bundle of butter ball. He loves to watch his sisters, and loves it when they hold him and tickle him and say "guh" at him. He loves to watch the kitties and get fistfuls of their fur. He loves to play penguin by laying on his tummy with his legs and arms off the ground and kick his legs and flap his arms; he looks just like a penguin sliding on the snow. He loves the Glow Baby and Violet toys, especially when they are playing songs for him.

And we love watching him do all these things. I love to make him laugh. I love to kiss his cheeks and his neck and his belly and munch on his arms and legs like corn on the cob. I love to breathe his baby breath. I love to see him in his star suit (aka the Zipadeezip), and love when he pats me with his little star hands while I nurse him in the wee hours of the morning. I even love his very sad sad face. It's the saddest face ever. Basically, we love everything about him. 

In his Zipadeezip star suit

Patting his sister's face with his star hands.

 Reading a book about Biscuit to my little biscuit.

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