Friday, August 14, 2015

Photoshoot: Family of 5

We've never had maternity or newborn photos taken by a professional. But just after Elliott was born, a local mom posted on the local mom's Facebook group that she is getting her photography business up and running and was offering half-price photo sessions to build up her portfolio. I jumped at the offer to take photos of our sweet new baby boy and our new family of five. 

She came over one Saturday morning a few weeks ago and spent some time with us around the house and chasing the girls all over. We are usually early risers and I was planning that we would be all polished and dressed, waiting quietly on the couch when she arrived. In fact, I was still blow-drying my hair and we hadn't even given Elliott a bath. So I asked if she would take photos of Elliott's very first bath. 

Please note, we are not bathing him in some old bucket. It is a Tummy Tub...

 Alice got her cast off just a few days after this photo session. We debated postponing the shoot, but thought it would be fun to capture this moment in time just as it was.

Sorry for the overload of photos, but I love them so much and am so happy to have such beautiful photos of our little family from this crazy moment in time. The photographer was wonderful, so great and patient with all the kids. It helps that she has three little ones herself! You can see more of her lovely work on her website and Instagram.


  1. Such lovely photos, a memory treasured forever

  2. So wonderful! I love them all, but the ones of Ivy, Elliot and the crib ... made my heart skip a beat!


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