Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the hardworking dads out there. I wanted to post this earlier, but I've had dads on the mind all day and I've really enjoyed seeing all the photos in my feeds of dads and their kids and grandkids. I've been particularly thinking about all the kids who are missing their dads and granddads today, and the dads who are missing their kids. 

Of course, I've also been thinking about the favorite dads in my life, including my own who taught me to read and swim and ride a bike and drive a car and change a tire and pump my own gas and use a drill. And Jon's dad, who taught him to build and fix and take care of things, and how to be a great husband. Both of them teaching us what hard work looks like, and what providing and caring for a family looks like.

And of course, we celebrated Jon today, the indefatigable father of my children. Jon, who has the patience of a saint (luckily for his children - and wife), who could not be more devoted or hardworking. Who has adjusted his work schedule to begin at 4am again, so he can be with me and the kids in the afternoons and evenings, to play and eat dinner and give baths and read stories. Last night because of a weird freelance gig, he went to bed at 9pm and took a nap, got up at 11pm to work for a few hours, went back to bed for another nap and got up again at his usual 4am time. And when I asked what he'd like to do today, he said he wanted to install the shelves in our guest and master shower. And he did, taking a break in the middle to vacuum the bubbles out of the dishwasher, after I put our bathroom soap pumps in there with a tiny bit of hand soap still in them. God bless the Shop Vac, and my extraordinarily capable and motivated and hands-on husband. 

I am so thankful for these wonderful fathers in my life, who are still learning how to be grandparents and parents to grown children, and the grown children of parents, and a parent to growing children. I am thankful that our dads are still here to give us wonderful nuggets of fatherly wisdom and advice, and to remind us what our priorities need to be. I love to watch them enjoying the sweet reward of their grandchildren, to whom they have little responsibility except to play with them and tickle them (and, you know, keep them alive while they are playing). I love watching Jon get to enjoy the pleasures of children who can imagine and connect the dots, and really start to play and hit the fun milestones of riding a bike and reading chapter books at night.

So I went digging back through my photo libraries and found some great photos of me and my dad, and Jon with his girls, and the grandpas with their granddaughters.

I hope all the dads out there felt loved and celebrated today, and got to do at least one thing they wanted to do - or even take a nap!

Jon, as a brand-new dad.
Jon's dad, as a brand-new grandpa.

And my dad, as a brand-new grandpa.
I made Jon give Alice her first bath, ostensibly so I could photograph but mostly because I was terrified...
Jon - and Alice's - first bottle.
Jon's first Father's Day.
Grandpa sharing his favorite pastime with Alice.

Jon - round 2 of fatherhood.

Daddy and his two tiny princesses.

I hope our kids always know that their dad will support them, and follow along behind them to make sure they can keep chasing their dreams...

I will leave you with a short clip of what my dad was doing as he celebrated Father's Day at the winery where my brother lives - riding a child's motor scooter. This is quintessentially my dad...