Friday, May 22, 2015

A Honey Lemon Birthday

Ever since her last birthday party, I've been telling Alice that we wouldn't have such a big party this year since we would be in a new city and wouldn't know very many people and would have a lot going on getting settled in a new house and getting ready for a new baby.

But she wanted a Honey Lemon birthday. If you aren't familiar with Honey Lemon, she is the chemistry whiz in the team of crime fighting super hero smartypants in Disney's Big Hero 6.

We saw the film in theaters when it came out, and again for Ivy's birthday because she is a big, big fan of Baymax. And over time, Alice decided that she actually is Honey Lemon and Ivy is Go Go, which really actually suits them both to a T.  In fact, they refer to each other pretty exclusively as Honey Lemon and Go Go, and even introduce themselves to strangers as such. Strangers are always fairly confused...

I wanted Alice to have a special birthday, even if it was a small affair, so I granted her wish of a Honey Lemon dress. I made the whole outfit the day before and finished it just before bedtime. Yikes!

She changed into it immediately after breakfast, just in time to open presents. We made her be patient while we cleaned up the dishes, and asked her what her wishes were for her fifth year. In the last few weeks, she's been asking for a training wheel bike and said that her wish was to ride her very own training wheel bike.

And then she got right down to business, opening her card and gifts.

She tore through them all, and then we told her that Jon had seen something else on the porch when he went outside earlier in the morning. So she raced outside, with Ivy hot on her heels...

And found a glorious, shiny new beach cruiser with a basket and streamers. So, so cute. And sturdy.

She impressed us when she took off on a neighbors training wheel bike a few weeks ago, and has been doing so well on her balance bike we thought we'd give it a try without training wheels first. And so, at 8am, Alice was learning to ride a two-wheeler wearing a tank top dress in the fog. Yep. Apologies to our neighbors for all the early morning bell-ringing...

 And then about ten minutes later, she was doing it all on her own. And I was totally teary-eyed.

 She still needs to work on big turns, braking, and stopping - in the lowest position, her seat is still too high for her feet to reach all the way to the ground, she's on her tiptoes and hasn't gotten the motion of leaning over yet. And she needs to remember to watch where she's going, but she's really doing great at pedaling and steering. She'll be flying around the neighborhood in no time flat.
Jon had to get back to work and Ivy had to take a nap, so we went inside and Alice wanted to get right to work with her new chemistry set. She was using her test tubes and pipette like a total pro.

Since we are, in fact, new in town and don't know anyone and are spending a lot of time getting settled in our new house and getting ready for a new baby, we didn't have a lot of time or money to spend on a birthday party. Frankly, we didn't have many/any guests to invite, either! But, to my delight, there are ten kids six and under between our house and the two next door to us, so we invited them over for a very casual get together. Unfortunately, one household was down with a cough and stayed home, but we had a really lovely afternoon with the three girls who live down the street.

We served "Honey Lemon-ade," honey lemon slices,  and honey lemon sticks. We also had wasabi peas and mochi. And of course, Baymax cupcakes - and party cups! I also made some lemon play dough and sent some home as favors in tiny take-out boxes. I got a little carried away, and so did our kids. They ate just about everything in sight and were both complaining of tummy aches during dinner. Alice actually groaned, "I shouldn't have eaten so many treats..." Hopefully the neighbor girls weren't too hopped up on sugar.


It was windy and the candle kept looking like it was out, but was still lit. So Ivy Go Go came over to spit on it...

Alice had so much fun with her new neighbor friends. They all played with the older neighbor boy and his dog, (as well as their dog!), and spent a long time running around the yard catching caterpillars. My mom sent a foam hopscotch set, a balance board, and some bucket steppers, so we put those out to play with, too. It was a perfect afternoon, and I know it was a special birthday for Alice.

After dinner, she got to open one last gift that had arrived late in the day. I found a kids' lab coat and had it personalized so she could really pretend to be her favorite "science girl." I can't wait to see her doing chemistry in her little lab coat. So super cute.

Many thanks to our neighbors for helping us celebrate and making it such a fun little party. And a big, big thanks to the real Honey Lemon and the Big Hero 6 gang (and awesome filmmakers) for making chemistry and science and robots and "nerd school" cool for girls, too! Now if only the toy companies could get their act together and make some awesome "science girl" merchandise - like a Honey Lemon chemistry set and bag! And Go Go magnet builders! And some "real" microbots. And maybe even their super suits! I'll just be over here holding my breath...

Rock on, Honey Lemon.


  1. Love love love! I just love all of this so much. And- what a cute bike Honey Lemon has! Where did you finally find it? We are going to be two-wheeler shopping for L. soon. Happy belated birthday to Alice!

  2. I'm dying, this is adorable. What an incredible, smart-girl role model she's found in Honey Lemon -- your party vision is flawless, and I'm so happy that Alice gets to enjoy her gifts, new neighborhood, and new friends. Happy birthday, girlie!

  3. What an adorable party! You did an awesome job - and that dress is perfection!


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