Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birthday donations for the foster kittens

A few Saturdays ago, we finally had a chance to go down to the animal shelter and donate the items Alice collected for her birthday. Our local shelter had about 61 kittens in the foster program this "kitten season," so I know that all of Alice's donations will be much appreciated. All told, we dropped off kitty litter, toys, bottles, milk, and $50. Plus, that day, they were having a foster fair with some of the adoptable kittens, so I was really looking forward to our visit!

Alice insisted on wearing her birthday dress, of course...
Dropping her donations in the bin.
She got to hold this sweet little ball of fluff, but really she was more interested in playing with her stuffed Minnie Mouse on the cat tree off to the side of this photo...

 The girls (and mostly Jon) really liked this sweet little kitten. I found out later that she and her brother almost came home with us...

Ivy LOVES kitties.
I miss sleeping kittens. I can't believe the positions they end up in.
 And then we dropped off the money to this nice Animal Control Officer, who had actually come out to our house a few weeks earlier to collect a crow with a broken wing. Hope that guy's OK (the crow, I mean).

Thanks to everyone who gave Alice something to donate!

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