Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alice's first haircut

Well, I avoided it for four years, but it was finally time for Alice's first haircut. She's always had perfect corkscrews at the ends of her lovely locks. I just could never bear to cut them off and her hair had grown past her waist (it was unbelievably long when wet). It had always been pretty tangle-free and easy to wash and comb, so I hadn't seen any need to cut it. We both liked putting it up in fancy hairstyles, and she was generally cooperative and patient. But lately, that four-year-old hair was getting dry and tangly and that four-year-old was getting less cooperative and patient, and I knew it was time for a trim before I accidentally shaved it all off in a fit of frustration. 

Here's how it looked on her birthday, in her new princess dress. It still kind of hurts my heart to look at that one. On the right is how it looked on the way to the salon, fresh out of a French braid.
 I needed a cut, too, so I took her to the salon with me. It's funky, edgy salon that I really like except for the part where I feel so untattooed and uncool and boring and mom-ish... Alice has been once before, the last time I got my hair cut, but she just had a little bang trim then. This time, she got the full treatment.
She loved having her hair washed in the sink. Over the sound of the sprayer, she kept shouting "This feels so good!" She also loved the "magic stuff" the stylist put in. 

 I asked her to cut off her ponytail so I could save it.
 So she made the ponytail, and then she cut it off. And I died a little inside.

 Alice really wanted to see it and touch it, but I tucked it away before she could accidentally dislodge the rubber band and disband the whole thing.
 And then Alice got a fancy blow out.

 The stylist tried to curl it with the brush and blowdryer and by the time she finished, all of Alice's hair was as flat and straight as it could be. So she went around and hit it with the flat iron, and by the time she got around to the other side, the first side had fallen nearly completely straight. But she got one or two little waves in there.

Somehow she looks even more grown up. I miss her Aurora hair. I have the ponytail tucked safely away. It lays flat, coiled around itself, and stretches out like a spring when you lift it. It was easier to cut than I thought it would be, but I miss the curls more than I thought I would. When I look back on the photos, I want to reach out and bounce them softly, like I used to, and wrap them around my finger to make them coil together perfectly. 

Ivy still has her amazing curls, and is growing new ones at her temples and the nape of her neck. She hates having her tangles brushed out and won't even sit still for a ponytail so I'm not sure her curls will last for four years...

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  1. Ah! This is so bittersweet! What a beautiful girl she is. Beautiful photos too, Mama! Feels like it was a very special day.


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