Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend Cuteness

We had a lovely Easter weekend this year. On Saturday, we went to our city's Egg-stravaganza festivities. Alice and Ivy got to meet and take pictures with the Easter Bunny for the first time. The Easter Bunny seemed like he'd never actually met a human child before, either...
The real animals at the event actually had more personality than the Easter Bunny. 
The Friends of the Animal Shelter were there with their canine ambassador, a charismatic chihuahua named Selena. She had lots of fun playing with all the little kids who were after her ball. Baby bunny BeyoncĂ© was also there, hoping to find a forever home for Easter. Alice enjoyed meeting that little fluff ball a little more than the giant mute figurehead. 
Jon's parents had come up to visit for the day, so they and the girls had fun at the playground and wandering around the park before the egg hunt started.
That face! Those delicious chubby legs! And that adorable little toddler outfit! I've wanted to get the girls matching Saltwater Sandals for a long time now, and I figured Easter was a great excuse to get cute matching shoes. The classic style didn't fit Ivy's chubby baby feet, but I finally found a style that did (the Sea Wees - size 3). I can't handle how cute they are on those sweet toesies.
When it was time for the egg hunt, we lined up around the baseball field and waited for what felt like forever until everyone was ready to go. Ivy was ready for a nap and it was tough to keep her from running out to get a head start on the eggs. So we looked out of the fence and took a lot of photos and selfies...
And then it was time to go! I thought Alice would do a little better than the last time we went to the city egg hunt, when she was ten months old. But nope, she only got one egg. She found one early on and then pranced around amid the bedlam, looking slightly bewildered. Ivy actually got three, more or less on her own. Jon had brought a few eggs from home to plant on the field, in case neither girl was quick enough. As we were checking out the girls baskets, I casually dropped them under me and pretended to be surprised when I discovered them. Luckily, the ringers had way better candy...
And then we headed home so Ivy could have a nap and we could dye our own Easter Eggs. 
Ivy woke up just before Alice had finished the last of the three dozen, so she got to color a few, too!
On Sunday, the girls found their Easter baskets before breakfast and played with their trinkets all morning as we got polished up for church.
Matching Easter outfits: Alice, me, Ivy, Jon.
I made matching dresses for the girls and myself last year, and I did it again this year. I love the Geranium Dress pattern for the girls, and since I'm no longer pregnant or nursing, I decided to try Made By Rae's similar pattern for grownup ladies; the Washi Dress. I fell in love with this fabric I spied at Hawthorne Threads (Luxe In Bloom Cascade in Coral) and knew it would be perfect for Easter and summer. And when Jon complained that he always gets left out of the matching party, I decided to make him a bow tie as well! And I threw in a few matching bow barrettes for us girls, too!
We clipped some roses from our rosebush to decorate the cross at church. The girls were so cute with their little bud and bouquet.
I don't know that I've ever cried at an Easter service, or any church service for that matter, but I got a little teary during the sermon. Our pastor recounted moving statements of strong faith from the families of the shooting victims in Kansas City. His message was that the Easter story is not a theoretical lesson but an everyday promise that can bring us comfort, peace, and faith even in the hardest days. As a parent, this is a challenge for me, when I worry about my children's health and safety and future with every fiber of my being, when I empathize so strongly with other mothers' losses. But I do find peace in faith, and the hope that if I ever find myself grieving like the Kansas City victims' mother/daughter, I will have the strength to find comfort in this promise of new life. At the end of the service, members of the congregation were invited to join the choir to sing Handel's Messiah. Jon loves this piece and eagerly joined, and the already excellent choir gave us a truly joyful rendition, bolstered with the extra voices.

After the service, we collected our kids and they enjoyed an egg hunt on the lawn. Somehow, Alice was the only kid out there for a while, and she stuffed her little bag to the brim. Once some other kids showed up to a sparse hunt, I convinced Alice to hide a few for the younger kids to find again. And then she made me hold her bag, so when she wasn't looking, I tossed a few back...
A family photo, thanks to the good thinking of a friend!
At home, I got brunch in the oven and then we happened to notice that the Easter Bunny had hopped by our house and hidden all our eggs while we were at church. So Alice and Ivy blew through their third egg hunt. 
For brunch, I made a towering quiche with broccoli and caramelized onions, using a mishmash of recipes and techniques. My regular, perfect pie crust recipe works best with all Crisco but I thought I was out (I guess I wasn't?), so I used this recipe for an all-butter crust. It was a slightly unconventional preparation, but was super easy and the dough was so easy to work with and tasted amazing. There's no need to doubt a Thomas Keller recipe...
For dinner, we had tri-tip, asparagus, and scalloped potatoes (but with more cheese because, cheese!). And for dessert, I tried the World's Best Cake that's been sweeping the internet. 
And I have to say, meh. The ingredients are few, the preparation simple, the results impressive looking. But I can't get behind "World's Best." And no offense to Norway, but having been (and eaten) there, I can't say that they've got a sufficient handle on delicious cuisine that would qualify them to denote any dish the world's best. 

But we enjoyed two lovely Easter feasts to cap off a lovely weekend. I hope your Easter was full of family, feasts, and new life.


  1. Hi Erin!

    I just found your blog by way of searching info on the Geranium dress- the ones you made are AWESOME! I got totally sucked into your blog while home with a case of bronchitis. My daughter and her husband live in West Hollywood, she actually danced with LAB as her first gig after finishing high school at The School of American Ballet in NYC. I don't see your email on your site- which I totally understand. However, it you have a moment, and care to, would you shoot me an email, I'm about to tackle the Geranium dress....

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline! Such kind words, and so nice to meet someone new here!

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