Thursday, February 6, 2014

Frozen Sing-Along!

Alice and I had a special mama/daughter day-time date yesterday. After working on our pas de bourrĂ©e and rocking the scissors and step-kicks at ballet/tap class, we hopped in the car for a "car picnic" as we hurried to make it on time for our show. Alice knew we were going to see the Frozen Sing Along, but I had a couple of surprises for her before the main event.

We had to walk past a Sanrio store on our way to the theater. I knew there was no way she'd pass by without needing to go in, so I was prepared to spend a few minutes and dollars in there. I didn't mention anything about it, but her eyes found the wall-to-wall Hello Kitties immediately. I was watching her, I could see her pupils dilate and she headed straight for it. She looked at and described and commented on just about everything in the store. I asked if there was anything she liked and thought we should buy, I was curious to see what she would gravitate toward. I was afraid I would have to set a dollar amount (for both of our sakes), but she picked out a very modest little water bottle with a flip up lid and straw. Done.

Then we braved all the weirdos on Hollywood Boulevard and made our way across the street to pick up our tickets.

Alice spied a bunch of Disney toys in in the shop next to the theater, but we didn't have much time so I let her choose between looking at the toys or having a scoop of ice cream. My daughter chose wisely.
 After we licked the bowl clean, we picked up our popcorn (it came free with the super expensive tickets!) and went to find our seats. We had to make a quick stop to take a photo with Olaf though, and then Alice befriended the sweet little birthday girl who was also taking her photo with Olaf...
The El Capitan features a "Mighty Wurlitzer" organ played by award winning organist Rob Richards. I had a good time singing along to the Disney medley pre-show. Alice, however, is still woefully ignorant of any songs and movies outside of Aristocats, Dumbo, Robin Hood, and Jungle Book. She kept asking me "What's this song?" We're working on it.

After the pre-show and the previews, we were graced by a visit from none other than Elsa herself. She even made it snow inside the theater. I have to admit I cried. Good thing there were only about 45 other people in the whole theater...

 I love love loved that the organ accompanied the Mickey short "Get A Horse" before the feature. I tried to explain to Alice that that's how all movies used to be, but she doesn't have a real good grasp on movie-going since her entire experience consists of Frozen...
 I wish there had been more people in the audience letting it go along with us, but we sang our hearts out. I did, anyway. Alice was a little preoccupied with her popcorn. I finally had to take it away so she could concentrate on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We stayed until the end to see our favorite credit, and then we left lickety split to make it home in time for dinner.

I tried to take a photo of Alice and the theater, but she was melting down a little bit, so this was as good as I could manage.

 We also brought a little Frozen love to the steps of the Dolby Theatre, hoping it sticks until the Oscars next month! Again, Alice doesn't have a great grasp on the situation, but we can just assume she is pretending to walk glamorously down the Oscars red carpet here, instead of wandering out of the shot... Someday, she'll enjoy these photos.
She was tuckered, so she took her once-weekly nap in the car on the way home. She got just enough sleep to salvage the evening and revive her for dinner, so I'll take it.

Jon reported that while we were away, Ivy asked to listen the Frozen soundtrack. She opened the TV cabinet and tried to press the buttons on the CD player. Jon turned it on and said she looked quite satisfied and pleased with herself. She did her signature dance move to the ice harvesters' song, and then knocked on the TV before the knocking in "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" And then during the song, she did the "tick tock" tongue sound effects a verse early. I feel a little bad that we didn't bring her to the sing-along. The kid knows her Frozen!

If you are thinking about seeing the sing-along, go do it! Especially if you listen to the soundtrack as much as we do, or have a particularly enthusiastic singer at home. It's a rare joy to be able to sing at top volume in the dark, along with the full-size movie - especially if it's with a full and enthusiastic audience. Let me know how you like it!


  1. Please tell me they removed the "short" from the end of the movie!?! I'm glad Alice had fun at the show and chose to have ice cream. That is one smart little girl! Adrienne

  2. Ha! They did remove the short. I think that was a one-time thing that we were just lucky enough to be part of...


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