Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday Daycation Adventure: The Beach!

Jon and I decided that we're going to start having "daycation" adventures on Sundays after church. This Sunday, we were uncharacteristically spontaneous and waited until we woke up that morning to settle on the beach. And so it was.

We've literally never been to the beach in LA, for proper beach sun and fun - we've been beach-adjacent for various things, but never to actually sit in the sand and splash in the sea. In fact, Alice has only been to the beach a few times (once??) and Ivy has never been (which I only just now realized). As a former pool-rat, with no access to a beach, and then a college beach-bum (well, as often as work/studies/film shoots allowed), this makes me really sad.

None of the beaches in LA are quick or easy to get to, but Ventura is a pretty low-key option. After a quick online scope, we set our sights on the Harbor Cove beach and hopped in the car. Unfortunately, traffic was fairly miserable and it took us about two hours to get there. Ugh. Both girls were short on naps and food and weren't super happy about being strapped in for so long. Alice was pretty done with the car trip and told us about thirty times that she wanted to go to the beach...

We finally got there and found a place to park in the Harbor Village parking lot. They were having some sort of "Pirate Days" festival, and Alice made sure to tell us she didn't want to pretend to be a pirate. So we left the pirates behind and trudged down the road to the protected cove beach. The waves were the perfect size for a such a little thing, and there was plenty of free sand to stretch out our blankets. I fed Ivy under our umbrella and watched Jon and Alice dig in the sand. Being so late in the day, it was a bit too chilly for Ivy take a dip, so she and I hung out on the blanket and then cozied up for a little cuddle under a towel. 
A rare action shot of the whole family.
love those long three-year-old legs.

 If you look closely in the photo below, you can see two tiny little teeth!!
Alice had a great time digging in the sand and building sand castles and birthday cakes for Marie. 
The pits left behind by their digging became "kitty pools."
And without warning, she suddenly dunked her whole ponytail. 

The waves would wash over her digging site and fill her "kitty pool" pits with water, and she would sit down and settle in like a hen in her nest.

It was the most comfortable she's been around ocean water.  
Meanwhile, back at the blanket....
 I love babies' expressions when they are concentrating.

Such a tired little bug, enjoying the sun and the salty sea breeze.
 I just liked this little vignette.
After we were done playing, and it got too chilly to hang around any more, we headed off to find some dinner. Jon was hoping for a dimly lit, hole-in-the wall joint where he could get some tacos, so after a little research on the phone, he headed off to a promising spot. 

We drove in front of the restaurant and noticed that they were expanding into the property next door. As we rounded the corner and pulled into the parking lot, I realized that property and it's parking lot belonged to the dealer where we'd bought our car. Jon didn't believe me at first, but after a quick second look, there was no mistaking it. Jon knew the dealer had moved but he hadn't recognized the address of the restaurant when he was looking at the map. Lo and behold, we got out of our car and gazed upon the spot where we'd taken our photo in front of our new car and left Jon's trusty Pearl parked on the street (where that silver truck is parked in this shot). Go figure.
How weird would it have been if Pearl was still parked there...
Pearl, as we last saw her.
taken facing the opposite direction, Jon's old car is just out of frame on the right.

Traffic aside, we had a lovely afternoon at the beach and I'm sure we'll go back some day. But next Sunday, a new daycation adventure!


  1. How fun!! Bummer about the traffic, but sounds like it was worth it! You look great as always in those pictures with Ivy. Love seeing Alice enjoy the sand and water with abandon!

  2. If you ever need Ventura recommends I'm your gal. Andrea's Sea Food is fantastic at the Harbor. I'm tickled by the fact you saw the Pirate Days Parade. I worked it one summer when I was an intern with the Harbor's marketing department in college. What a hoot.

    There is a beach not too far from there called Oxnard Shores. As a child I referred to it as "the swing beach," because there were swings... on the beach. The Ventura Keys is also a family friendly beach area.


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