Monday, June 24, 2013

Catching Up: June

Oh, hey guys. Remember me? I'm still here. We all are, just trying to survive the day-to-day struggle of working full-time and parenting a three year-old and six month-old. The days are flying by, yet sometimes usually it seems like bedtime will never. ever. get here. I've gone back to work, right into the thick of our busiest time. I feel like I've been thinking and working as fast as I can, all day long, every single day since I've gotten back, so forgive me for not having the time and mental capacity to get here very often. I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post, and that I didn't put up 5-month photos for Ivy. Well, I can believe that last part, because you know, I'm me...

But we have been squeezing in some fun things here and there, and I might as well roll all the photos into one nice wrap up. Here goes!

We finally made it up to the Griffith Park Observatory. Alice was a bit young to understand most of what was going on, but she had a great time pushing all the buttons on the various exhibits.

composing herself outside after a literal button-pushing incident.
Alice doesn't start nursery school until the fall but she enjoyed her first real school-like experience with a week of Vacation Bible School, complete with a snazzy new summer/fall transitional wardrobe. We've also been experimenting with new hairstyles, like pigtails and French braids! I told Jon that she looked like a cocker spaniel with those curls in pigtails. I mean that in the nicest way...
Alice went to the doctor for her three-year-old well visit. 
I should have double checked when I told Alice she wouldn't need a shot. Turns out, she needed another round HepA. So, after the doctor left and before the nurse came back with a shot, we had a super-thorough pep talk. The nurse distracted her, stuck her, and finished before she could even really register what was happening. She didn't cry during the shot, and though I was afraid the tears might come after, there was nothing. Even Alice seemed a little surprised by her reaction. But we just rolled with it and took Ivy down to the nurses clinic for her round of shots. We almost got out the door without ANY tears, but Ivy whimpered and cried just a little at the end of her second shot. Oh well, I'll take it!!

We went to the pool. Not our brand-new city pool with the baby/toddler-friendly zero-depth activity pool, oh no. Don't get me started on all the ways our city needs to figure out how to get a clue about babies and families. No, we tried to go there and got fed up and instead drove our kids and our money 20 minutes north to a bedroom community that gets it.
I tweeted this photo to our city. I'll send something a little less passive-agressive later on...
So we went swimming. And when Ivy had had enough, she and I had a little photo shoot back at our towel while Alice finished splashing around. I love this one and her crazy hair and delicious baby squish.

For Father's Day, we headed down to the California Science Center to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Of course, this was Jon's idea - like, maybe his one only wish ever - but we all really enjoyed it. Except maybe Ivy, she's just game to go along wherever we go. Though it was a temporary exhibit, I thought it was displayed (and lit!) really well, you could practically touch it's belly (which I'm sure is frowned upon). It really was moving to see something that had actually been to space in that capacity and done such important work. I definitely recommend a trip - it's free! - and we'll certainly go back to see the permanent exhibit, whenever it's finished. We also really enjoyed the accompanying photo exhibit currently on display, highlighting some really moving and spectacular photos and video from the day the shuttle took it's victory ride all over California, and then rolled ever so carefully from LAX to it's new home at the Science Center. 


I love this. Maybe she'll be the future of our space program? 

 We alo really enjoyed the rest of the Science Center exhibits, especially the one on the ocean ecosystem. Alice got to touch a sea star (aka starfish)!
Two tired kiddos.
And then on Father's Day proper, we spent a delightful afternoon at our friends' lovely house. Their daughter was born just 12 days before Alice and my friend has been much more successful in taking monthly photos. She invited us over for a little photo shoot using some of the props she's been collecting for her adorable (and ambitious!) setups. She even let Ivy borrow a little sailor dress. Too. much. cute.

 Unfortunately, I brought my camera and left my memory card at home. I had taken probably about 50+ photos of the two babies together before I realized it. So after a little scrambling, and a little break, we tried it again. But Ivy's sweet friend just wasn't having it.

 Alice even got to celebrate her birthday one more time with a delicious cupcake and a present to open. Such sweet friends we have!

 Ivy really loosens up after a drink or two. Maybe that's why she was so cheerful in the boat...
And this is what we were doing this weekend - laying around and watching classic Disney cartoons on Netflix (Lambert! My favorite!!). 
This is an old picture, from Alice's birthday weekend, when my parents babysat so Jon and I could get away for a sushi/movie date night. This is what we found when we got home. I just love how she looks like a little doll, covered up with a little doll blanket. I can't handle that she's getting so big and growing up so fast already.
So that's what we've been up to. What about you? I hope the month of June is treating you right and that you're enjoying the first real days of Summer!