Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peacocks and plant life

We took advantage of the long weekend to visit a spot that's been on our list for a long time. We were hoping to make it there while I was on maternity leave but just didn't get to it. We thought the holiday would be a great opportunity because it was supposed to be too cool and overcast for a good day at the beach. I should have checked the forecast again this morning, it ended up being totally clear and sunny, and was about 83 degrees by the time we headed home.

Anyway, we had a great time at the LA Arboretum. I was so looking forward to seeing peacocks and the place did not disappoint. We saw one before we were even inside the park and once inside, you could hardly look in any direction without seeing a peacock. You could hear them all over, too. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at their beautiful, shimmering blue necks and their gorgeous, sparkling tails. I especially love their black (brown?) and white accent stripes. I have never seen so many peacocks, or seen any so close. As we were walking, I thought that heaven must be full of peacocks...

The grounds were full of lovely trees and plants and beautiful flowers and things to explore.
We especially enjoyed the "Serpent Trail" through the Australian gardens. Alice wanted to stop and look at every mosaic. We decided this one looked like a balloon and with a stick for a string, she was ready to float away.
 We followed the winding trail until we found the snake's giant head and glittery eyes. Alice gave him a stick for a tongue.

We came across this peahen, blending into this little garden. I stopped to take a photo and we realized there were nine other peacocks and peahens hiding among the plants with her.
 And then we noticed one more, a tiny baby hiding at her feet. You have to look so closely in these photos to see it's little head among the plants.

 We left before we made mama too nervous and headed over to the Peacock Cafe for lunch. Ivy was all smiles.
 And I loved the peacock maĆ®tre d’ that roamed around, looking for handouts.

 After lunch, we strolled down the lawn toward the fountains. Alice took off and I loved watching her through my lens, running uninhibited across a private expanse of grass.

 She loved those fountains, she's always drawn to water when we're out and about at places like this. She would have been happy to stay there, if we'd let her. If only we could have taken off our shoes and clothes and floated away.
 I lured her away with the promise of a lake, which we found full of clamoring carp and turtles. Alice found a stick and went "fishing."

 We saw the cottage and other lovely gardens, and once we found the waterfall, we knew it was time to head home.

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