Thursday, May 2, 2013

4 Months!

whoa, what??
I know, it's crazy! Our little Ivy Bug is 4 months old!

She used all her calories to grow tall over the last two months; at 26 inches, she's now around the 96th percentile for height. Her weight leveled off and she only gained about a pound. At 14 pounds, 8 ounces, she's in the 57th percentile or the 70th percentile, depending on whether you ask the World Health Organization or the CDC. At the same age, Alice was 1 centimeter, or almost half an inch taller, and just a bit lighter at 13 pounds, 14 ounces.
She is such a sweet, happy, good-natured baby and is so easy-going. She's on a good schedule but is usually really flexible about waiting a few minutes before we can do something for her. 

She's outgrowing her swaddles, both in size and strength to bust though the Velcro. We've started using the Miracle blanket which I hated with Alice but am loving for Ivy except that the leg area isn't well secured so she always manages to kick one leg free.

In the past few weeks, she's gotten so great at falling asleep on her own. She no longer needs any rocking or bouncing before sleeping, and usually prefers that you just put her down. So we just wrap her up and lay her in bed and she'll lay quietly until she falls asleep or just turns her head to the side and closes her eyes. Sometimes she needs some help to retrieve an escaped pacifier, but there is never any protesting unless she needs a meal or diaper change. It's magnificent.

Over the last week or so, we've been transitioning from the hammock to the crib for overnight sleep and both girls are doing great. Sometimes they each take a bit longer to fall asleep than they might on their own but they're both learning to sleep through the other's noises and stay/fall back asleep all night long. Dare I say that it seems like they both already enjoy their new roommate and sleeping arrangements?

We're still working on keeping Ivy asleep through the 4-6am hour. Most days she just wants to get up at 4am with Jon and screech and squeal and smile at him until she falls asleep again. So he usually has 2-3 super helpful and noisy pre-dawn office assistants. 

She's still practicing rolling over but she's getting pretty good in both directions. She just needs to figure out how to get her arm out from underneath her body once she's made it onto her tummy. She's still strengthening all the muscles to keep head & shoulders off the ground on tummy time. She loves to have help to stand but I definitely want to make sure she crawls before she walks!

She brings her hands together and to her mouth and is really great at manipulating toys (and our fingers) so she can chomp on them. Jon fed her a bottle the other day and she did a great job holding it, taking it it out of her mouth and putting it back in. She practically fed herself and she hasn't even started regular bottle feeding yet.
In these photos, Ivy is laying on a beautiful blanket that I won in a giveaway about a month ago. Before Lauren from A Lovely Lark welcomed her sweet second daughter, she and the American Blanket Company let one lucky reader choose a baby blanket from their hand-stitched collection. I was so excited to win (I never win anything!) and was thrilled to find the package waiting for me when we got back from our Easter trip. I chose the Gardenia blanket in monotone cotton (white with white stitching) and I love it. We have lots of soft blankets at our house but this thick and cushy one quickly became our favorite. The company guarantees that the fabric will never shed or pill, or they will replace it for free. Plus, I love that they are made in the U.S. If you need a beautiful baby gift that is sure to last and be well-loved, I definitely recommend one of the elegant options from this company!
We're so glad that Ivy's settled into more predictable routine and that she's become so easy-going and flexible. Jon's going to need all the help she and Alice can give him since he'll become a one-man show when I go back to work next week.
Because despite the adorable exterior, we think this one could give us a pretty hard time, if she wanted to!!
do NOT mess with this face.


  1. Ivy is just beautiful. What a smile! We look forward to meeting her. We love the new Senge family pic.

  2. Oh, good lord, she is too much cute. I love all the faces!

  3. 4 months, wow! The photos of her with that headband on are just sooooo painfully cute. You and Jon do good work!

  4. Dude, she is so cute. I keep coming back to look at these some more. I can't handle it!! Also they're really gorgeous photos. Great work!


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