Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rainbows galore

Over the weekend, we went down to San Clemente to visit Jon's parents for the day. After a family brunch celebration, we popped over to the Rainbow Sandals outlet/factory store to inaugurate Alice in a San Clemente ritual and get her first pair of Rainbows. They are made in San Clemente, and Jon has grown up wearing them. He took me to get my first pair there, back when you still had to interrupt the guy making the sandals so he could ring you up. The new store is way fancier, and way busier, full of way more styles and varieties of sandals than just the old-school leather or rubber.

They are adorable on her little feet at the end of those long and slightly chubby toddler legs.

The rainbow connection couldn't be more hilarious to me, after an incident the other week.

While we were in Livermore, we decided to head out to San Francisco for a day to see my sister's apartment and spend a little time enjoying the city. We never have enough days to do everything we want when we're in the Bay Area, and the list of things we want to do in the city just keeps growing and growing.

So we saw my sister's cute little studio apartment right around the corner from Grace Cathedral, where cable cars rumble slowly and quietly up the hill outside her window every twenty minutes. Around lunch time, we took a scenic drive through the city to the Mission neighborhood to get a bite to eat and find a place to enjoy the lovely weather.

Our plan was to get lunch and ice cream from the Bi-Rite Market and I was SO excited because I've been wanting to visit for ages. We decided to get the ice cream first because the Bi-Rite Creamery has another storefront across the street from the market, and because, you know, ice cream won't wait until you finish your lunch. So we had dessert first.

I was a little bummed that I couldn't taste all the amazing-sounding flavors since I'm off the dairy until Ivy quits nursing or gets over her dairy sensitivity, but I was thrilled to see two vegan options. The sorbet was good but the vegan chocolate coconut was fantastic. I was definitely inspired to experiment with coconut milk to make vegan ice cream at home.
After ice cream, we crossed the street to the market to pick up some sandwiches. 
I squeezed up and down every aisle, trying to look at everything. I was wearing Ivy though and the aisles were so small and crowded and full of delicious things that I mostly just got overwhelmed. I wish that I could go back every day and try something new and delicious. 

We ordered our sandwiches and stood out front to wait for them and take photos of all the pretty flowers. 

We also took a minute to run around the corner to Tartine. We stood outside and gazed longingly in the window, breathing in the aromas of croissants and bread and pastries, like starving orphans. I couldn't justify spending the time and money to buy pastries I didn't actually need, so Tartine will just have to wait until my next visit when I intend to stay for several days to accommodate all the eating I want to do.

Then, with bellies full of ice cream and sandwiches in hand, we strolled up to the Mission Dolores Park. We ate our sandwiches in the shade and let the kids roll around in the grass. 

After we ate, we had just a few minutes to let Alice run around and explore the cool new playground at the top of the park while we enjoyed the beautiful views of the city. I wish that more of our days could include breakfast pastries at Tartine, lunch and ice cream from Bi-Rite and afternoons at Dolores Park. If you have the chance to spend a day like that, I definitely recommend it.

Ivy ran out of good right at the same time our parking limit ran out, and Alice wasn't far behind, so we called it a day and hauled the kids back up the hill to our car. As we were walking on the street where we parked, Alice pointed to someone's house and said, "Mama, I like that rainbow flag!" I told her that I did, too, and that there were lots of beautiful rainbow flags in San Francisco.

We hopped in the car and headed toward the Bay Bridge. Jon had seen the Bay Lights on the previous night on his way back from an A's/Giants exhibition game. Sadly, it was still light out on our way back this time, and I didn't get to see the intriguing installation. We'll just have to plan to get out there again before they are taken down. And maybe even buy a light!

{I'm going to pause right here and tell you that there's a good poop story coming up. If that doesn't sound like a good time to you, definitely stop reading now and come back for a new post tomorrow - or whenever it goes up. }

Anyway, we were in traffic, moving slowly toward the bridge when I saw the ominous "Last SF Exit" sign. I took note and thought about how it always makes me a little anxious, like I haven't done everything I wanted to do and I always try to make sure there's nothing else I need before it's too late to turn back. And then we heard a suspicious grunt from the back seat. I checked the rear view mirror to see Alice in her headrest mirror, and Jon turned around for a better look from the front seat. All seemed well and we laughed about a story I'd read him a while earlier, about another blogger's daughter having an unfortunate bathroom accident en route to the car. We agreed that we probably shouldn't joke about that, lest karma decide we need to eat some humble pie, and then it happened. Just after we passed the "Last SF Exit," we heard a tiny voice from the backseat. "I need to poop."

I tried to stay calm as I explained that we were about to get on the bridge and that there was nowhere to stop until we got to the other side of the water. I asked if she could hold it for a few minutes until we were across and she said yes. She's been known to go days - too many days - between such events but when you gotta go, there's no telling what can happen. Jon told her to close her eyes and try to take a rest because that would make the time go faster. Jon watched over his shoulder and I in the rear view mirror as she buried her head in the side of her carseat. Her red-rimmed eyes and grunts and toots were not reassuring. I drove as quickly and carefully as traffic allowed and we strategized a stop in the shopping complex just on the other side of the bridge. Jon navigated us there and we tried to find the closest, most convenient bathroom location.

I pulled into the Panera parking lot and gathered up the necessities (keys, phone, wipes) and the kid, holding her very carefully so as not to put too much pressure on her tummy or her rear end, just in case... I booked it into the restroom and it was probably not a moment too soon. She was quick about it and when she was through, I stood up to help her clean up. I was shocked to see how much, um, excrement can come out of such a tiny little body, and I remarked as much. She took a look to admire her accomplishment and said of the arched marvel, "It's a rainbow! It's a poop rainbow!" 

I laughed so hard that I would have fallen on the floor if we hadn't been in a public restroom. I almost wished that someone had been in there with us to hear that gem, but I was glad no one walked in afterwards to hear me laughing like a crazy person. I had to wait until we were back on the freeway to tell Jon, I couldn't stop laughing. 

Jon asked her about it the next day. He asked if it was pretty and colorful and she said, "No. It was brown and stinky, like poop." So there you go. My kid shits rainbows. I saw it with my own eyes. And now she's got the sandals to match. I think I'll make a bumper sticker. Maybe we should get a flag, too.

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  1. Aahahahaaa.. arched marvel. Love it. I'm sure we'll be talking about the ol' poop rainbow when Alice is heading off to her first prom or something like that.

    So glad you got to come spend some time in my neck of the woods! I hope we can do some more exploring (and eating) here in the future.. there's so much you would love!


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