Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's go fly a kite

The Easter Bunny put a kite in Alice's Easter basket and Jon was really looking forward to flying it with her. He always found kites in his Easter basket growing up, courtesy of his grandmother. Apparently, kites are often associated with Easter. We don't know if Grandma Senge associated kites with Easter or if they were just plentiful in the spring, readily available for the Easter Bunny to add to Easter baskets. In any case, it just might become a tradition at our house!

While we were visiting Jon's parents the other weekend, we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the ocean breeze for the kite's inaugural flight. We found a nice little park and had a lovely afternoon playing in the sunshine and lounging in the shade. There was a scary moment when Jon almost lost the kite behind a tree in someone's backyard but he recovered it and then we called it a day.

Ivy loved watching the kite.

Ivy loves watching her sister, too.

I caught Jon in crazy mid-kite dance. Or just jumping up from sitting cross-legged.
What about you? Did you, or your kids, find any kites in your Easter baskets? We need to find somewhere near our house to take the kite for another flight. And I think we might need to watch Mary Poppins, too!


  1. whoa...jon is doing some crazy legs in that last photo. skills.

  2. Ha! I was just thinking I should caption that... He was jumping up from sitting cross-legged to try and save the kite.


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