Monday, March 18, 2013


This weekend, we spent an hour or so at a great little museum/park near our house. Alice hadn't been since she was little bitty and didn't remember it at all but we knew she'd love looking at and climbing on all the trains. 

The museum has a great collection of trains with really cool histories. There was one car that had been in one of the most famous, unsolved train accidents ever. The age of the cars combined with the open-air format and free access to the public makes it hard to keep everything maintained. I always hate to see things damaged or lost to the elements (or human disrespect), but I do love the patina of abandonment and erosion. Here are a few shots I like to call "Textures of Travel Town."
On our way out, Alice finally took notice of the little train that drives around the perimeter of the park. She said, "I wanna ride it!" and turned around and marched back toward the action. We'll have to do that next time. 

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was filled with fun things!


  1. Such fun! That last picture is from a dream, she is such a sweet little thing!

  2. That place looks so fun! I wish we had something like that in Michigan. Also, I love your husband's shirt. Do you know where he got it?

  3. Erin, the shirt is from the First Street Ale House in Livermore. It's one of our favorite restaurants, we always make sure to go at least once when we're in town. They give you a Tootsie Pop with your meal, hence the shirt!


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