Friday, March 1, 2013

Photos in the gardens

My mom was in town last week and we thought it was a great opportunity to visit a nearby botanical garden. We've been planning to get a family pass so we can visit whenever we'd like and we thought it was time we finally made that happen.

I was the only one that had been there before but I knew Alice would love exploring and Jon would love having an interesting place to get outside with the girls, especially once I'm back at work. The grounds really feel magical with lots of secluded walkways, leafy hideaways, sun-dappled clearings, and benches tucked into the foliage for a quiet and private place to sit and enjoy the landscape. I always feel like there are fairies darting around just out of sight and little creatures scurrying around under the brush. There is a sign that warns about more exciting animals (like deer, and mountain lions, and bears - oh my!) but I have yet to see any actual wildlife except the koi in the Japanese garden.

We headed to the Japanese garden first and Alice really enjoyed watching the koi cruise around in the pond and running all over the bridges and pathways under the cherry blossoms. It's one of my favorite spots in the park and I thought it would be a great place to take some pictures.

I've been meaning to get some photos of the four of us all together and thought the scenery would make a beautiful backdrop, so I took advantage of having an extra pair of hands around to help out. My mom was a bit nervous about the responsibility but she took some great shots for us, despite my vague direction and the collective hassle of juggling the kids and our bags and baby carrier and camera and trying to take the photos before anyone had a total meltdown. It was worth the effort though, I think one of these might make it onto a canvas on our wall!


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  1. Such a beautiful family Erin and a magical place to be together.


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