Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2 Months!

Ivy is two months old! At her check-up on Monday, she measured 23 inches long and weighed in at 13 pounds, 5.4 ounces. That's about the 70th percentile for height (meaning that out of 100 girls her age, 69 would be shorter and 29 would be taller) and the the 85th percentile for weight. She's sturdy. 

She got some of her vaccines at her visit and made a way bigger fuss than Alice did. Alice usually finished crying and fell asleep before we even left the exam room but Ivy screamed and cried the most pitiful cries for a good ten minutes while Jon used the bathroom, we gathered up our things, washed her pacifiers twice, and even dealt with Alice having a small meltdown. She fell asleep in the car though and she and I basically cuddled for the rest of the day. Like this:

She's hitting all her milestones, even some of the advanced ones! She gives us tons of smiles, says all kinds of baby words, and even laughs already. She does a great mini-pushup and is bearing weight on her legs like a champ. When I burp her she leans against my shoulder and stands in my lap, practically unassisted. Crazy talk. Speaking of crazy, she's already teething. The doctor noticed her drooling and called it right away. Alice cut her first tooth the day she turned three months, I'm hoping Ivy doesn't have to suffer too much longer before hers pops up!
Tummy time! Smiles!
At her check-up, the pediatrician was a bit concerned that Ivy's legs weren't straightening out appropriately and recommended that we see an orthopedist to make sure, so we did that right away. We had an appointment last Thursday with a great doctor who spent plenty of time with me and explained all kinds of things. He confirmed that Ivy has no hip dysplasia and no metatarsus adductus, which is great. He did think she had a little internal tibial torsion (rotated tibia) which should resolve on its own but he wants to see her after she starts walking, just in case. 

I feel like I know Ivy better every day and I'm really starting to get the hang of her schedule and rhythms. Her little personality is showing more and more each day and I love to watch her grow and develop and discover!

Here's our little Ivy Bug giving us her best little bug face.


  1. Heheee it is the cutest little bug face!! I love the top right photo in the last sequence there. And what a champ with all her growings. I can't wait to see her in a few weeks and get some smiles!! Maybe FaceTime before that too?

  2. Sweet sweet baby girl, I bet she smells just as good too! And I CANNOT believe how early your kiddos get teeth AND hair lol. Ivy for sure has more hair than Lucy, thicker too. Charlie didn't get his last molar until he was almost 3 and Lucy is just finishing her's at 2.5. I think they are on the very late side though. Your girls are the cutest, Erin! I think Ivy's super dark hair is gorgeous too :-)


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