Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day at our house, at least not in the flowers/chocolate/commercial manner, but Alice has been enjoying holidays so much lately (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Disneyland Christmas) that I wanted to do something special for my little valentine.

A blogger I follow (I can't remember who, now) wrote recently that her mother always managed to celebrate every holiday with some special food, though she wasn't much of a cook. I remember my mom making us some special holiday-themed dishes like green eggs and ham or April Fool's pancakes. Maybe not for every holiday, every year, but often enough that I have fond memories of it. She also used to draw something special on our brown paper lunch bags, once we'd outgrown character-themed lunch boxes, and you can be sure that she drew something special for the holidays.

I want Alice to have those same kinds of little, special memories and though I know she's a bit young to actually remember anything we're doing now, I want to start these traditions early. So in my overnight breastfeeding/Pinterest sessions, I've been stockpiling fun ways to celebrate any holiday. I came up with a cute and easy heart-themed menu for Valentine's Day.

I busted out my tiny heart-shaped egg pan, a gift from one of my dearest friends many years ago, and made heart-shaped buttermilk pancakes and bacon. I was inspired by this heart-shaped bacon but I didn't fold mine quite as neatly as that photo and mine didn't much resemble hearts once they'd cooked down. But bacon tastes good, no matter how you fold it!

Breakfast was a little harried because we had to get Jon and Alice out of the house by 10am for Alice's toddler gym class. I woke up a bit late and my timing for everything was all off and then Ivy needed to eat right in the middle of the critical cooking period, and then she wailed through much of breakfast. So instead of a smiling family of four sitting at the table in front of three plates with adorable heart-shaped foods, everyone sort of ate whatever thing was ready at the moment while Jon and I traded off tending to the stove and the baby. And, for the record - despite many internet claims to the contrary - vinegar in non-dairy milk does not make a great substitute for buttermilk. But it was all yummy and Alice enjoyed eating heart-shaped food, so it was worth it!
For lunch, I carved up a carrot using this inspirational photo tutorial, and made tomato hearts using this inspirational photo tutorial, and cut a heart from a PB&J sandwich. It was nowhere near the masterpieces some mamas make, like these awesome pancakes, or these amazing lunches, but it was super easy and super cute and Alice even tasted the tomatoes.

So that's how we celebrated Valentine's Day over here. I hope Alice enjoyed it and that I can continue these kinds of traditions to be something that she and Ivy remember fondly from their childhood and maybe even carry on with their own children. Someday Alice and Ivy will understand that I love them more than any heart-shaped food can ever convey. I hope Jon already knows...

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