Saturday, February 9, 2013


I've been trimming Alice's bangs since she was about six months old but they'd recently reached a point where they needed some professional attention. I had lost control of where they started and stopped and they looked crazy when I put her hair in a ponytail. Since she's got a bigger head now, and it's FULL of hair, I figured her bangs probably didn't need to start all the way at the back of her head. I just didn't know what to do about it.

I get my hair cut about once every 12-18 months, when I can't stand how long it is and get so fed up that I almost cut it off myself. That's where I was a few weeks ago, so I decided to take Alice to the salon with me. We talked about it a bunch beforehand and I told her all about the "beauty salon." She was calling it the "haircut store" for a long time until all of the sudden, "beauty salon" was the only term she'd allow. She won't even let us say "beauty parlor" without correcting us.

Anyway, I debated taking her to a kids' salon but it was just more convenient to take her with me and kill two birds with one stone. I'm glad I did, because she was pretty impressed - particularly with the pink walls and sparkly popcorn ceiling. It's kind of an edgy salon (the logo is a skull with scissors crossbones!) and I always feel pretty straight-edge and boring next to all the very tattooed, rockabilly-esque stylists. I've seen someone different each time (because I'm too short-sighted to schedule in advance and too impatient to wait for an appointment) and they've all been great. I've always been really happy with the cut, which is rare for me when seeing someone new. And as edgy as the place is, they still had a princess smock for Alice to wear, and she was thrilled.

Alice was super polite, shaking the stylist's hand and saying, "Nice to meet you." She sat on a booster seat in the big chair with her princess smock on and closed her eyes while the stylist trimmed her bangs.  No wiggling, no tears.

 I didn't get a great "after" shot in the salon but here's one from a few days later showing the new sophisticated shape. You can't tell here, but there are a few pieces that need to be trained out to the sides and grow out a bit. They keep falling in her face and making her look even more like a ragamuffin than usual...
After witnessing and documenting the first "real" haircut, Jon ran out to do an errand. Alice sat in the broken chair beside me and mostly behaved herself while I had my turn. At least until Jon got back and then they hung out on the couch up front and occupied themselves with an iPhone... I remembered to snap a quick shot of my cut when we got home.

freshly cut.
I enjoy having a salon-fresh style but I'm always anxious to see what the cut is going to look like the next day - after I sleep on it, wash it, and style it myself. I've been experimenting with blow-drying and air-drying, learning how to use velcro rollers and how to curl with a mini flat iron. I was recently stuck in the bathroom with Alice while she took care of some business, so I used the opportunity to work on my technique. I am terrible at styling my own hair so I was shocked that I was easily able to get the hang of the flat iron curling and actually produced a hair style that I would wear out of the house. I was so shocked, I actually took some photos. And because I am so enthusiastically embracing the spirit of New Year's Resolution #3, I didn't even put on eye make-up or edit the photo after. You're welcome.

So Alice and I are both feeling fancy with our new hair. Maybe someday I'll give Alice's curls a trim, or even cut it "short like mama's," but I don't think I can handle that any time soon!


  1. you (and her) look great! So very beautiful.

    Also, hair-cutting is such a chore a this house, I let it go far too long...

  2. Aw, thanks!!

    Since I only ever do the bangs, it's usually not too bad. Especially now that Jon doesn't have to hold her face in a vice grip and she doesn't cry... I'm hoping now that the professional has cleaned up the bangs situation, it will be even easier!

  3. I meant to comment on this earlier, but I LOVE these photos of Alice being so grown-up at the haircut store, er, beauty salon. Still loving your hair too! I'm getting mine cut next weekend with Carol in Livermore (much cheaper than in SF and I'm always happy with what she does!). I'm hoping for some low-maintenance styling solutions myself.

  4. I can't wait to see your haircut!


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