Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Sister/Baby Sister

In my first act of matching/coordinating little girl outfits, I made a "Big Sister" shirt for Alice and a "Baby Sister" onesie for Ivy. I designed the images in Photoshop with our giraffe motif and used CafePress to upload and order them. I was SO happy with the way they both turned out. The cotton is great quality, nice and thick and very soft. The image is vibrant and doesn't have any texture or weird shiny transfer material. I didn't read too closely, I actually have no idea how they do the printing but it looks great! The 3 month size is a bit small on my roly-poly 1-month-old, I may just have to order the next size up as well so I can keep on dressing my sweet girls in their matching sister shirts.

But for now, please enjoy too many photos because I just couldn't resist...


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  1. Hahahaa these pictures are hilarious! I mean, super cute of course, but the ones with Ivy crying and Alice looking not too sure about it are great, and then suddenly Ivy is gone and replaced by Marie... :)


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