Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Sister/Baby Sister

In my first act of matching/coordinating little girl outfits, I made a "Big Sister" shirt for Alice and a "Baby Sister" onesie for Ivy. I designed the images in Photoshop with our giraffe motif and used CafePress to upload and order them. I was SO happy with the way they both turned out. The cotton is great quality, nice and thick and very soft. The image is vibrant and doesn't have any texture or weird shiny transfer material. I didn't read too closely, I actually have no idea how they do the printing but it looks great! The 3 month size is a bit small on my roly-poly 1-month-old, I may just have to order the next size up as well so I can keep on dressing my sweet girls in their matching sister shirts.

But for now, please enjoy too many photos because I just couldn't resist...


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4 Weeks Old!

Ivy is four weeks old! I can hardly believe it. The time is flying by in a whirlwind of visitors, diapers, and feeding cycles. Our house feels like a three-ring circus - a toddler in the first ring, a newborn in the second, and cats/chores/errands/other miscellanea in the third! Get your tickets now, see ridiculous spectacles of childhood and amazing feats of parenthood with your own eyes!

Ivy is so sweet, and pretty easy-going. She's getting the hang of the sleeping/eating/being awake routine and is starting to be more alert and interactive. I'm starting to see hints of smiles while she's awake and I can't wait until we're seeing them all the time! Not much else to share except a bunch of gratuitous photos!

Ivy met her Grandpa for the first time this past weekend. She went easy on him and refrained from drenching him in a fountain of milk... 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY-Style Maternity & Newborn Photos

Although I would have loved to do maternity and newborn photo shoots with both Alice and Ivy, the reality is that it's just not an affordable option. Especially in Los Angeles, and especially not when I don't have any good leads on photographers. And especially twice times. So I'm trying to improve my own skills and make time for photo opportunities. Maybe that should be my resolution this year; to make more opportunities and to stay in the picture. That thought just formulated right now as I was typing, and I think it's a keeper.

Anyway, for less than the price of an expensive photo shoot, we bought another great lens (at a great value!). We don't get a lot of natural light in our house, so a fast lens makes it possible to take photos inside at all, let alone after dusk. As soon as it arrived on our door step, we headed down the street to the little "park" by our bike path to get some shots of Alice and the baby bump before we lost the chance.
And now that Ivy is home, I've been thrilled to be able to take better photos of her inside our house. 
A dear friend of mine was in town for a weekend and I was so happy that she reserved a whole day to play with us since I hadn't seen her in ages and ages. Who am I kidding, she only wanted to snuggle brand-new Ivy and play with Alice. She helped me set up a great photo shoot with my two sweet girls and we had so much fun we almost weren't joking when we said we should start a business. She was the best newborn shoot partner ever, keeping Ivy all snug and secure and asleep. I love these photos and want to spend more time taking more like them.
One of my big pre-Christmas maternity leave projects was making stockings for the whole family. I started with Ivy's, to make sure that it would be ready whenever she was. Unfortunately, I didn't get to hang it up before Christmas, since I didn't want it to give away the name we were keeping secret. Even though she arrived after Christmas, I still wanted to make sure I got a few good photos of her with her stocking. I was hoping to put her in it, but I apparently made the stocking too small and the baby too big. We tried to stuff her in but couldn't get it up over her belly. I have one terrible shot of her wearing it like a mermaid tail, which was hilarious in itself, but we changed course and made it work.

I had also made sure that Ivy had some Christmas jammies to open on Christmas Eve and to wear on Christmas morning. So even though that didn't happen, I cheated and took a few photos the morning before we sent the Christmas tree back to the North Pole.

 Because who can resist Santa buns??