Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Wish List: New Mama

I am counting down the days until this baby is born and trying to find any and every way I can be as comfortable during these last two weeks and for the first few weeks afterwards. Here are some of the things I'm dreaming of! Maybe you know another new or expecting mama that would love to be pampered with one of these, too?

fig. 1: A pedicure. I can't reach my feet. They could use a little attention and some serious massaging!
fig. 2: A massage. Either prenatal, to relax and soothe my poor, achey body and promote labor; or post-natal, to relax and soothe my body after the stress of labor and hormones and infants and toddlers!
fig. 3: Infant Massage by Vimala Schneider McClure - I borrowed this book from the library when Alice was a baby and we enjoyed many a massage session together until she got too wiggly. I'd love to refresh my baby massage skills and think Alice might enjoy joining in, now that she's a bigger girl and can understand and participate in the activity.
fig. 4: Coconut oil - any unrefined/virgin/extra-virgin coconut oil is great for mama and baby. I eat it, cook with it, use it to moisturize face and body, and use it for all manner of antibiotic/antifungal needs. It's great during breastfeeding, both on sore nips and to eat; it's a great source of energy, helps promote mama's healthy weight loss, and provides essential, easily digestible nutrients to the infant and boosts the immune system. It's also great for baby massages, and cures thrush, cradle cap and diaper rash.
fig. 5: Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo - When a new mama just can't find the time to get in the shower, this dry shampoo can help keep her feeling fresh and lovely instead of greasy and gross (feeling like a person really helps morale when things can start to feel overwhelming!). This formula gets the best rating of all dry shampoos listed on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, which tests, rates, and lists the harmful and toxic ingredients in the products we use on our bodies.
fig. 6: Milkstars "Erin" PJ Set - Milkstars is an nursing/maternity wear company. Their tops are designed to keep your belly and back fully covered during nursing so you don't have to expose half your body. I haven't tried any of their tops but I'd love one of their tees, or this comfy PJ set to wear around the house.
fig. 7: Pommery Pink Pop champagne - Every new mom deserves a toast! This is a perfect choice for new moms (in pink, or the standard blue). I can't wait to have a glass of wine, or bubbly, and this little bottle means mama doesn't have to share!
fig. 8: Malley's Pretzel Crunch Bar, or anything from Malley's really! Because you need extra calories when you're breastfeeding, right? Right??
fig. 9: Vosges Chocolate Italian Truffle collection - or again, anything from Vosges. Like the Aztec truffle collection, the Exotic or Holiday truffle collections, or the Exotic caramel collection. Makes me weak in the knees...
fig. 10: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Holiday Collection - or anything at all from Jeni's! The quality is amazing and the flavors are extraordinary. A true indulgence!
fig. 11: An hour or two of housecleaning service - once or a few times - to give the house a deep-clean before baby and company arrives and/or once we're all on our own again. I can't reach many of the places I keep giving the evil eye and don't have the time or the stamina to give everything the attention I'd prefer. Once baby comes, my body won't be any more cooperative and I'll have even less time to devote to the bigger jobs - let alone the essentials, like taking my own showers!!
fig. 12: Reliable Corporation steam cleaner - Once I have the time and energy again, this will clean and disinfect just about anything and everything in the house, naturally and chemical-free! Great for families with germy little kids!
fig. 13: An iTunes gift card - Great for applying towards the latest baby care app, music, games, or books to keep you occupied during the many hours spent immobilized under a sleeping/eating baby, and/or to keep your toddler quiet and occupied next to you.

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