Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Wish List: Crafty Mama

I'm trying to get all the Christmas shopping and wrapping done ASAP before the baby comes, but I fear I'll end up doing most everything at the last minute as per usual. I vowed to have everything done by September this year (as I always intend to do) but I just never seem to have the inspiration until the signs of the season start appearing. And, you know, I've been a little preoccupied this year!

As I try to think up and track down the perfect gifts for everyone on our list, I like to put together a little wish list of my own for any loved ones that ask for a little direction. I remember back in high school, making a wish list catalog by cutting out photos of everything I loved from my favorite catalogs (dELiA*s) and magazines (Seventeen, YM) and pasting the images onto pages that I embellished with my own marker art. Thanks to Pinterest, I can now collect all the lovely little things I wish for all year!

Of course, all I really want is a safe delivery and a healthy baby (and mama) but here are a few other things I wouldn't mind seeing Santa leave under the tree! Maybe there's a crafty mama on your shopping list who would love a few of these things, too!
Crafty Mama Wish List
fig. 1: Tripod - Very handy for taking self-portrait shots, especially with a...
fig. 2: Wireless shutter release - I want to start take photos of myself with my sweet girls, and that's hard to do with just the timer setting on your camera - especially with a baby! A wireless shutter release would be super handy in our house.
fig. 3: Initial and birthstone necklace for mamas - Pottery Barn Kids - so I can keep my kiddos close to my heart.
fig. 4:  My Prudent Advice: Lessons For My Daughter - I'd love to write out thoughts and advice for my daughters, with these thoughtful prompts. I love the Prudent Baby blog/website, and am sure this book is written with the same enjoyable flair.
fig. 5:  Makeup brush set, like these or these from Sephora - because I've been using a pathetic hodgepodge of three old, broken brushes for as long as I can remember...
fig. 6: Narrow hem foot and Ruffle foot - I think both will be very useful in sewing for daughters. I see a lot of ruffles in my future!!
fig. 7: Silhouette Cameo cutting tool - Such a fun and awesome tool that opens up a million new possibilities in everyday crafting.
fig. 8: Watercolors, like these Daniel Smith tubes or this Winsor & Newton artists' set - I took a watercolor class last summer and would love to continue learning and experimenting but had to return the paint set to class!
fig. 9: Washi tape - Because there isn't anything you can't make prettier and more fun with washi tape!

What about you? Have you had your shopping done for months? Are your gifts all wrapped and ready to go? What are you wishing for this year?

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