Friday, November 9, 2012

She basically called me a whale.

Friday is movie day at our house. Last Friday, when Alice woke up, Jon suggested they watch Fantasia 2000. Apparently, Alice remembered that they'd watched it before and that it had whales in it. 
Movie day! Also, whales!
She talked about whales all morning, all through breakfast. She and I ate together and talked about whales and looked at photos of orcas online. I said we'd have to visit SeaWorld some day so she could see some whales, and told her about the time we took her there when she was a baby. Then we had the following conversation.

Alice: Alice see a whale at the zoo.
Me: Well, whales live in a special zoo for ocean animals. Whales are too big to live at the regular zoo, whales are big, big, big!
Alice: Like Mama!

Awesome. And then this happened the other day. Jon sent me this photo with the explanation, per Alice, that Squirt was "measuring" her tummy and that there was a "baby on the computer." I guess she's been paying attention at all our prenatal visits! 

 And here's a little video of the action...

Squirt, the OBGYN from Growing Up Senge on Vimeo.

Alice is definitely getting more excited about the whole baby sister thing. She likes to feel my belly and give "the baby" hugs and cuddles. She seems to be more interested in being a "big sister" and doing things with baby sister and showing baby sister things like the zoo, the pumpkin patch, etc. I'm going to capitalize on this excitement and really hype it up in these final few weeks.


  1. Also, guys, for the record, I'm not THAT huge. I weigh, like, twenty pounds less than when I went in to deliver Alice...

  2. Aahahaha. That's hilarious. The whole thing about measuring the baby is quite perceptive. She gets it! And of course you are not big. You are perfectly sized. And she's two.

  3. Indeed. I agree with Shannon on all accounts. Very funny post. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!

  4. Awwww! What a sweetie. From the pictures I've seen, you look teeny for carrying #2, Erin! Unlike me, who was in fact, as large as a WHALE while pregnant with Lucy. You are glowing and looking wonderful still, good for you!


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