Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Alice had a great Halloween. She put on her kitty costume and I painted her nose and whiskers before I left for work and then she and Jon took off for their art class where candy was the medium of the day. 
She said it was "Hello Kitty."
At lunchtime, Alice and Jon came to visit me at work and we all checked out the costume contest. Zombies were a very popular (and trendy) choice, but Alice wasn't too keen on the many variations on that theme. She much preferred the treats back at my office, she even practiced trick-or-treating and scored a few treats in her "pumpkin bucket."She also yoinked my feather boa and added a little flair to her kitty costume...
On our way to the costume contest.

Fancy kitty enjoying a lollipop.
Alice was looking pretty tired when she left my office and I really hoped she'd take a little rest before all the night-time excitement. Luckily, she went home and passed out for a good long while and had plenty of energy to enjoy the rest of the holiday.

I snuck out of work a bit early so we could hit the streets before Alice self-destructed for the evening. Growing up, my mom always fed us mac & cheese for Halloween dinner because it was the one thing she knew we'd sit down and eat, even though we were beside ourselves with excitement. I made jambalaya on Alice's first Halloween and it's been a tradition in our house ever since. After we filled up on protein and fiber, we headed out for Alice's very first trick-or-treating experience ever!
A kitty and her pumpkins.
Telling a scary story.
You'll note that it was barely even dusk when we started out. I was worried that we were a little premature, but I figured people would understand and it seemed like there were a few houses already open for business. 
Here we go! Do you enjoy that optical illusion on my belly??
After the first few houses, Alice really got the hang of the whole deal. I don't think she actually said "trick-or-treat" all night, but it didn't seem to stop anyone from throwing candy at her. It helped that she was everyone's first customer for the night and that she was all alone and super adorable. She was even brave enough to visit the house that had a display of dismembered heads in the window and was playing the theme from Halloween. I was pretty impressed!

At the scary house, we met a teeny tiny little dog - like one of the tiniest I've ever seen - named Lulu. We also met a few of the friendly neighbor cats who marched right up to my little kitty and demanded some attention. Alice loved rubbing their cheeks and hearing their meows, since her kitties tend to keep their distance. These kitties weren't fazed in the slightest. 

We got home around 7 and poured out (and inspected) the haul. We turned on It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and Alice sampled a few different Halloween delicacies before I cut her off.

I was hoping that we'd get some trick-or-treaters before Alice had to call it a night, and they finally started showing up around 7:30, 7:45. After the first group of visitors, Alice grabbed the bowl of candy and posted herself in front of the door, waiting for the next group. Adorable. The bowl was heavy and she got distracted before the next kids showed up. She got excited about each new group. I tried to get her to hold the bowl or hand out candy, but she just wanted to watch. She kept saying that "the boy" and "the other boy" could come in and play with her different toys. I think it was pretty novel for her to have kids coming over to our house, since that never happens...

We excused ourselves to scrub off her super-strength nose and whiskers while Jon handed out candy. The cats always get really excited about Halloween and I enjoyed overhearing all of the trick-or-treaters talking about how cute the cats were. Finally, the trick-or-treaters trailed off and we closed up and called it a night. I was so relieved that Alice wasn't totally jacked up and candy and excitement, though it did take her a little while to finally fall asleep. 

All in all, she had a great time and her third Halloween was a resounding success! I know she'll have even more fun next year, she's already talking about how we're going to dress up baby sister! 

I hope you all had a great Halloween, too. Did you celebrate with any traditions? Do anything scary or brave? Eat too much candy??


  1. Yay! Happy 3rd Halloween Alice! I can't believe that baby sister will be almost 1 by next Halloween!

  2. Man, she really made out! That is quite a pile of loot. Glad you guys had fun! Sounds like it was a grand adventure. I also really like her interpretation of Hello Kitty.


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