Friday, September 21, 2012


Alice and I rode our bike to the park to attempt to see the final flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour. I had planned to watch from our back yard, but after seeing a few tips about its expected flight path, I switched to a picnic at the park. It was hot. Very hot. 100 F+°? But she did a great job and really seemed to like seeing it. Though she doesn’t understand much about what she saw, I’ll fill her in later when she’s a little older.

our picnic vantage point

I was getting realtime updates via the Twitter hashtag #spottheshuttle of Endeavour’s progress, and I even had another photographer near me on the phone with her husband at Boeing near LAX giving her real-time position updates. Pretty handy. Then it happened. It came eastbound over the 134 freeway toward the Griffith Observatory as expected.

I thought the formation would make the right turn toward its scheduled flyover of the obervatory itself, which is on the other side of the hill in those pics. But instead, they all banked left and I just knew what was about to happen.

Yep, RIGHT over our heads. This was one of the most spectacular things I’ve been lucky enough to witness, and surely one I’ll remember for a very long time. 

Alice talked all about it on the way home. Here she is, post nap, giving the debriefing:

It was pretty neat watching it fly all around the state on TV this morning and then a quick ride down to the park and there it was, right over our heads. We’re going to visit Endeavour in her new home at the California Science Museum as soon as we can after it opens.


  1. AWESOME shots. I am SO glad you guys got such a great vantage point!! And I love, love, love the video. You should tweet it to Boeing =)

  2. What a cool day for you guys! If it was this exciting just to see it turn left and head towards you in a blog post, I can only imagine how awesome that was in person! Also, Alice is so effing cute. Damn.

  3. amazing shots! i happened to be driving on the 134 when it was flying overhead. it was such an awesome thing to see and i'm definitely envious that i wasn't able to get killer pictures like these! :)

  4. Cuteness overload with that video! And seriously, super cool experience and photos.


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