Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby Gear: Round 2 - Upgrading

Earlier this week, I shared some of our favorite baby items. Here are some of the new things I'm looking to add to the mix, or to upgrade a few items we weren't as happy with.

1. Hushamok Baby Hammock: Until Alice transitioned into her crib, she slept in a Pack 'n Play in our room, in the "newborn napper" attachment. This worked OK but our bedroom, house, hallways and doors are too small to make the Pack 'n Play a perfect option for us. I didn't consider the Hushamok very seriously with Alice because then it was only available with a separate stand, with a large footprint and price tag. However, now they offer it with a kit to mount it from the ceiling. You can install several mounts and move it around the house, which is great for day-time use.

It seems like the Hushamok provides more organic support and motion than the vibrating Pack 'n Play nest. If it works as easily as in this video review to calm baby in the night, I am all for it. Plus, it seems like baby could easily learn to move the hammock by themselves, which must better help them learn to self-soothe. And it's just cool!

2. Naturpedic Organic Crib Mattress: We're planning to use Alice's mattress on her toddler bed, which means we'll need a new mattress for the crib. We bought Alice's mattress from Pottery Barn Kids when we ordered our crib, and I didn't do much research beyond that (shame on me). When my bestie was researching her baby registry, she showed me these organic mattresses. After a little bit of research, I agreed that they were totally the way to go. These are all-natural, organic, non-toxic, naturally flame retardant, and free of chemicals and allergens. There is plenty of concern and lots of evidence that the chemicals in the foam and flame-retardant ingredients found in conventional mattresses can contribute to SIDS and an increase in other disorders (for vulnerable babies and everyone else). An organic mattress is a great way to limit exposure to hazardous chemicals, especially when babies spend 12-14 hours a day sleeping in their beds!

3. Tummy Tub with Stand on Amazon: This tub is really popular all over the world, the U.S. was one of the last places to discover it in the last few years. I'd only heard of it recently (from my mom, of all people) but it really looks like a way better way to bathe little ones. The shape mimics the womb and puts them in the fetal position they are so comfortable in, and keeps them confined and covered the way they were used to. It seems like it would keep babies much warmer than the traditional plastic tubs and slings, too. I'd love to give it a try!

4.  Blooming Bath: This cushy flower folds up into your sink to cushion and support baby during bath time. It looks way more comfy than the hard plastic tubs and slings, and keeps them warmer by allowing more water to cover them. It can be hung up to dry or thrown in the dryer, and then easily stored away between baths.

5. Baby Jogger City Select on Amazon: This double stroller is at the top of the very short list of options that we're considering. We love that it is a short and narrow single-wide stroller (instead of a side-by-side) and that the kids have some great visibility with the stadium seating arrangements. I also think the the versatility of the different seat positions is amazing. The seats are super easy to switch around, have great recline positions and sun shades, and you can pop off the extra seat and leave it in the car or at home if you only have one kid to cart. It has a small footprint, will easily fit in store aisles, folds up quick and slick, and will fit in our trunk, which is a huge plus. There may be some cons, as other reviewers have noted, but I think the size, configuration, and versatility will hopefully outweigh any negatives. If I were doing this again, I'd invest in this as a single for the first kid and then buy an additional seat if and when we needed it. There are plenty of pricier single and double options that aren't nearly this versatile!

6. WubbaNub: This little guy keeps baby's pacifier in it's mouth so there aren't any annoying wake-ups when the pacifier falls out and rolls away. Plus, they are just cute. We'd need the giraffe, obviously!

7. Bloom Coco Go Lounger: This brand-new lounger has three incline positions (fully upright, reclined, and fully flat), can rock or stay stationary, is low-pro and lightweight, and folds flat into it's own carrying bag for easy travel. We don't really need a new lounger seat, but I'd definitely get this one if we did!

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  1. i have to say...the wubbanub was the absolute best thing i got this time around. with finn, i went through far too many binkies and with dash...we're on number two of the wubbanub. it's fantastic.

    and i've got the city mini jogger stroller and i am in love with it. i'm thinking i'll use it until he's at least eight. maybe nine. :-)


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