Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catching Up!

Oh, hey! You're still here! Me, too. Barely. Work has been so busy lately and this fetus has me so exhausted that I barely have time to cook dinner, eat, and put Alice to bed before I fall asleep standing up. Throw in some annoying computer issues, and it's just a bad situation for blogging. But we just each got fresh, new laptops, so we don't have to share a computer any more. And now I can blog from the couch (which I am definitely doing right now!).

Anyway, I hope to post more often and to share a few more of the things I've been keeping busy with lately. The second trimester nesting is in full effect and we're in the middle of cleaning/clearing out our garage for good. We hope to be able to park a car in there one day soon, and find some of the things we're going to need again when the Littlest Senge arrives in December. In the meantime, let me play catch up with some photos from the last month or so. 

In June, we headed up to Livermore for the annual Rodeo Parade. It is a delightful small town affair and we thought Alice would really enjoy all the horses and marching bands. And it was a great excuse to see our Bay Area friends.

We claimed a stretch of sidewalk an hour or so before the parade, so we could save seats for our friends. Alice had a great time running around in the street, and visiting the horses who were waiting to begin the parade. She was excited to get a sticker from a police officer who rolled by before the parade.
When our friends arrived, Alice had fun running around with Eli. They shared toys and ran around, keeping themselves amused until we settled down for the parade.

 I can't remember who made the first move, or if we suggested it, but at point they were walking around holding hands while I died from all the cuteness.

 And then my mom escorted them up and down the street in their very own mini-parade of adorableness.
Alice and Jon saluting the flag for the National Anthem, to kick off the parade.
 We liked this little horse, pulling this pretty little cart.
Alice met that little horse before the parade, and even kissed his nose. I didn't get a shot of that, because I was busy making sure the horse didn't eat her face. I did get a shot of her own little horse giving this guy a kiss on the nose. 

 After the parade, we all headed back to my parents house to hang out with our friends. Alice got to open some more birthday presents, and got some very fun things that are her new favorite things. Like this super sweet gray rabbit, which she looooves.
 Auntie Shantje gave her the rabbit, and this sweet book Chloe, Instead, about getting a new sister. She insisted we read it over and over and over. It was one of the first books she started "reading."
I just love those little feet, and her eyes peeking over the book.
Helping Grandma cook, and having some laughs.
Blowing out more birthday candles at Grandma and Grandpa Senge's house.
 Alice took two sessions of swimming lessons this summer and had lots of fun splashing around with dad. I got to tag along to one of their classes and took photos from the deck.
Listening to the teacher.
Ready to dive in!
 She has awesome form. I'm so glad I got these shots to document the way she kicks her heels up to the sky.

 We went to the zoo the other morning to visit our favorite animals.

Saying "hello" to a little lizard.
Alice had to lay down to get a better look at the Gray's Monitor Lizard.

My parents came down for a visit and Alice had a great time helping Grandpa sweep up all the pine needles. Jon's parents got her a little broom of her very own and she kept herself busy messing up all of Grandpa's piles of dirt. 

Having a chat with Grandma on the porch.
 This is a shot of our garage this morning. How embarrassing. I said I'd never be the person with a garage like this, but to all those people out there, I get it now. It's easier than you think. But we're putting our foot down. We're getting rid of the trash, the junk, all the stuff we don't need. We need a new garage door and we need some organization and function in there. We made some good progress today, and hope that it will be unrecognizable from this photo in a few more weekends. Then we can move on to some of the projects inside the house and Jon can have some room outside to work on some of the construction elements.