Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a nice, low-key Easter weekend this year with not much more than a dozen prettily dyed eggs, one small egg hunt, and a nice breakfast of blueberry scones and grapefruit. Alice tried her hand at dyeing eggs for the first time. I think she enjoyed dropping the eggs in the cups more than anything else...
On Easter morning, we had to have our hunt nice and early so we could have some eggs for breakfast. I would have let Alice hunt in her jammies, but the grass was still wet and shoes over jammies just looks silly. But Alice is always happy to get dressed up, which always makes for egg-stra cute photos! Sorry, I couldn't resist a good yoke. Ah! Somebody stop me!!
We posed for a quick photo and then she was off to find her first egg. She definitely didn't get the concept of looking for "hidden" eggs, so it's a good thing the Easter Bunny laid them all in pretty obvious spots! And without further ado, here are one million photos of our egg hunt. Because I have neither the time, nor the fortitude to edit them down. But really, which one would YOU omit???

Look, there's one!

Look out, don't step on it!
Where? Oh, here?
I got it!

I think might be my favorite shot.

pretty, pretty.
even the aftermath is pretty.
And this guy had to make sure everything passed the sniff-test.
Yep, these eggs check out.
I hope your weekend was full of prettiness and cute kids and traditions and family and all the sweet things that make our holidays special and meaningful.

P.S. Jon would like to point out that we have a lawn now. Which came in pretty handy, since our town canceled their usual Easter Egg Hunt apparently due to parental aggression, along with a bunch of other towns across the country. Bummer. 


  1. Precious! Just precious. Thank you for posting.

  2. Do you just smooch on Alice's cheeks all day long?!? If she was mine, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get a single thing done bc I'd be too busy nibbling on those sweet cheeks. Happy Easter, guys!

  3. I just teared up at my desk looking at these pictures. This is a continuous problem for me. Glad you didn't omit any shots! Looks like it was the loveliest day.

  4. Aw, Shan. Don't cry about it!

    Leah, I smooch those cheeks almost continuously. You better believe it's a serious problem...

    And Kristen, you're welcome =) I wish she could have dyed eggs and hunted them with Eli. I think she would have been most impressed with his tie.


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