Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Earlier this week, Jon gave Alice her first lesson in the holiday spirit of giving. They went to Pet Plaza, a locally owned pet supply store, and bought a variety of pet food from the Burbank Animal Shelter's wishlist. Then, they toddled on down to the shelter to deliver their donations. 

We know first-hand how wonderful and loving shelter cats can be, and how feral cats can turn into the best companions ever when they have the right love and care. The Burbank Animal Shelter runs a kitten foster program and a shelter dog training program, both funded completely by monetary and in-kind donations. Jon was glad to see lots of other donations when he delivered his, but remembered that the shelter and these animals have the same needs all year, as do most of the organizations asking for support during the holiday season. We're going to try to be more mindful of that next year, as we try to establish habits and traditions of giving our time as a family. 

Here are some photos of Alice, helping out some kitties and doggies (that would be her cue to adorably pant like a dog). I hope this will become an annual Thanksgiving tradition, in addition to other efforts throughout the year.

Also, if you have an American Express card, sign up to "shop small" on "Small Business Saturday." When you shop at a participating small business on Saturday, American Express will credit you $25 back toward your purchase (on each American Express card you carry!). Just register on the site and find a list of participating businesses in your area. Shopping locally this weekend can make a huge impact on the small, local businesses and people in your community. If millions of Americans shop small, it will be huge.

I hope that you're all spending today in ways that make you happy, and that your families (and kitties and puppies) have everything you need. May you have every reason to be thankful this holiday season.  


  1. Can we just talk for a quick second about how adorable your thankful little donator is in her Sesame shirt :-)

  2. I thought you might like that shirt =) Picked it up at Target for like $6!


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