Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weighing In: Milestones!

I'm celebrating some pretty big milestones around here. I've been keeping an eye on the scale these last two weeks and think I can safely say that the readout finally dropped below a number that has been a pretty big mental threshold for me. And even better, I'm now officially in the healthy BMI range!

Also, I was FINALLY able to complete Week 3, Day 3 of the Couch To 5K interval running app I'm using! I don't let myself advance to the next day in the program until I can do the entire workout without quitting early. I've been stuck on Week 3, Day 2 for weeks. I mean, WEEKS. I just couldn't finish the last thirty seconds of the second three-minute run. But I finally did it and moved on to W3D3 last week, and finished that, too! Unfortunately, the app didn't give me a little checkmark so I repeated it again the next day. It didn't give me a checkmark for W3D2 either, so I had to go back and do that again the next day, just for my own personal satisfaction since it took me weeks to earn. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I do have three stars on almost all the levels of Angry Birds/Rio/Seasons. Unlike C25K, I let myself advance without three stars though, I just go back for them later... Now to finish W4D1!

So I guess that's actually three milestones, but who's really counting anything besides calories?! That puts me just over halfway to my goal, with sixteen pounds lost since I really got serious toward the end of April. Only 12-ish more to go!

Also, in other milestone news, Alice finally decided that she's going to walk full-time. She's been walking more and more of the time but I didn't officially call it until I saw her fully ditch the crawling a few times over the last few weeks. Once she started off with her left hand and knee, her right foot, and a book in her right hand. She took a couple of awkward motions and then stood up and took off walking. Then, during a playdate at the park, she took off on her hands and knees across the sandy sidewalk. She only took a couple of movements (steps?) before I could see that it was painful and annoying, and I could practically SEE the lightbulb when she thought, "Dude, this is for suckers." and stood up and walked away. Success! We just bought her first pair of real big girl shoes, I can't wait to see her walking around in them!

So that's what we've been busy with over here. It's a good thing I'm conditioning myself so I can chase after her all the time now!

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