Thursday, September 29, 2011

Special Delivery for Alice

Two weeks ago today we were visiting my Grandpa's house. While we were admiring his gallery of family photos, Alice made a little friend. She found a stuffed teddy bear on the floor and took an immediate liking, carrying it around with her for the rest of the afternoon. She pitched a fit when I pried it from her hands for a new family photo.

teddy bear to the rescue, no more tears!
There was a package on the doorstep when I got home from work last night, with a return address from my Grandpa. We wondered if it was the mysteriously missing microwavable lid to our little plastic baby food bowls, but the box was way too big. It was addressed to Jon and I, so I opened it, but I immediately wished I'd waited until Alice was awake to help.

I got a little teary-eyed, so I snagged the envelope and closed the rest back up until the morning. 

I couldn't get a shot of her face as she was opening the box but she broke into a huge grin as soon as she saw her friend. Then it was all hugs as they were properly reintroduced, and she marched all around with him for a good five minutes.

You may wonder, as we did, why my Grandpa had a teddy bear. It was part of his bypass surgery post-op after care instructions to hug it (when he coughed?) so his heart didn't pop back out of his chest. So it comes to Alice full of hugs from her great-grandpa. 

You may also wonder what was in the envelope that came with the bear. Along with a sweet card, my Grandpa had included newspaper clippings about the record-breaking rainfall in the 24-hours that we arrived in Colorado Springs and visited his house. Apparently, the 4.5-inch total was almost four inches more rain than the previous record for the day, September 14th, set in in 1957. Good times! 

The package was a very special delivery indeed, and will be a very sweet souvenir of our trip. 


  1. Loved your family travel reporting with all the great photos!

  2. my favorite thing about this whole story is the newspaper clipping sent in the mail. i had a couple relatives who used to do that for me and and it never ceased to make me smile. random tidbits from the paper, circled and highlighted with little notes about something. felt like a sort of conversation that i never knew we were having in the first place.
    and what great grandparents.


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