Thursday, September 22, 2011

365 Down.

left: Alice on our first day home together. right: a bottle-drinking pro.
Today is the 365th day I’ve been a work-at-home dad. Simultaneously the fastest and slowest year of my life, and without a doubt, the most life-changing. I’ve witnessed this little child grow from just wiggling pupa to a walking toddler with a personality. I remember every day of it and also, hardly anything at all. I have wonderful memories of very specific things. Like the very first day. Alice still hadn’t yet decided she would drink from a bottle and with Erin back to work, what was the thing that mesmerized our little girl into bottle submission? Huell Howser visiting Mount Wilson. Or the divine late Fall evening her and I fell asleep on the floor. And my favorite time was in December when she gradually began to go to bed early with the Winter sunset, leaving short and happy days for both of us, filled with lots of heater-scented naps, and much-deserved hot cider by a twinkling Christmas tree for me.

the one and only time she fell asleep on the floor. 
There are a million little anecdotes like that from our year together. I really tried to savor every second of it. Parents out there, you know it's tough and I’ll be honest, some days are really hard. Hard to the point that I’m not sure I can keep going. But then I peek at the baby monitor and see the daughter I dreamed of, warm, fed, loved, provided for, and asleep in her little bed, and I know I helped give her everything she needed today. That’s my reward and that’s when I feel like a really good dad. 


  1. You are THE BEST dad! Alice is so lucky she gets to spend all day with such a dedicated, patient, and nurturing dad. You do a great job, even when it's hard. You're the best dad she could ever ask for! Congratulations on a successful year of being dad in the daytime!!

  2. You and Erin seem like such a great team! Love how you described the first 365 days as a (WORKING) SAHD. What a commitment, challenge and gift. Here's to the next 365 and beyond - cheers!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Leah. It is absolutely a gift, and I try to never take a day for granted. I have incredible support and a really flexible and accommodating employer. I really feel like I’ve won the life lottery here.

    And, Erin, thanks! I try my hardest give our little girl everything I can.


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