Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How she sleeps.

 Some time ago, I saw an online discussion about the merits of baby monitors and whether they are necessary. Many people chimed in with comments about how their house was so small they didn't need a baby monitor. I quietly disagreed...

We're big fans of our Angelcare monitor, but when we were putting our registry and our nursery together, we decided to get a video monitor as well. I mean, why not, right?? We have a small house, too, and definitely don't need any kind of monitor to tell us when there's a baby crying. But that's not what these monitors are for. The Angelcare provides great peace of mind, and I would definitely recommend it to every parent. And the video monitor is super useful in it's own right. How else would we know when she needs a pacifier reload, or a limb extracted from the slats? But really, it just makes me happy. And I would recommend that for every parent as well.

I love being able to see my sweet baby even when she's sleeping in her own bed. I call it "the baby channel," and it's surprisingly addicting. Her grandparents all love the baby channel, and anyone who's ever babysat her has found themselves glued to the screen as well while she snores happily away, undisturbed by our voyeurism. 

Though I do wish that it could take and export photos and video, at some point I realized that I could at least record the images with my iPhone. I've been collecting photos of sleeping Alice for a few months now and have finally gotten around to posting them here. I will start sharing small compilations until I can catch up to the present, and will have some hilarious videos to share soon. We'll call this feature "How She Sleeps."

I hope you enjoy these - I highly recommend getting your hands on a baby channel of your own...

clockwise: Face first; a galumphing wild animal; a little beetle flies away; and one sleeping jig.


  1. We also subscribe to the "baby channel". Even better though, our monitor allows for 2 frequencies/cameras on it. So we can change to "Channel 1 - Charlie" or "Channel 2 - Lucy" all on one handheld monitor. I found it especially useful when we transitioned Charlie into his big bed. What parent wouldn't want to know what's happening in their kids room during that time?! Three cheers for video monitors! Ours is a Summertime, but I think any video monitor is a winner.

    Alice "the flying beetle" is my favorite of the 4 pictures, excited to see video when you post too :)

  2. @Leah, I had not thought of that being the reason for two channels. I figured it was to eliminate interference if one channel won’t work in your space properly. Brilliant idea! We also have a Summertime and mostly love it. I have some problems with how enormous it is. Stacked up next to my iPhone, it’s an abomination of design—but it gets the job done just fine. The baby channel is highly addictive.

  3. I am addicted to my video monitor too. In fact, I've been taking pictures of it all month for a blog post. Great minds think alike. :). But your little girl has the wackiest positions. So cute.


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