Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family photos at the beach

I had a few good minutes at the computer to catch up on some photo organization and maintenance and am finally posting some of my favorite shots from our family photo session at the beach earlier this year. The rest of us haven’t changed much since early February but I’m amazed at just how much younger Alice looks. I guess that’s what happens to babies, when we’re literally talking about almost half her lifetime! 

Photos by the talented Jackie Jones of Jacquelyn Rachel Photography

happy little baby, happy little family

this is my very favorite.

dad dips her toes in the ocean. we don’t have the shot of her screaming about it.
...and going
happy grandparents, with all their kids.

I was really excited about the sea lion frolicking in the surf. You can’t see him in this photo, but he’s there.
The ladies of the family.
Alice and her auntie

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  1. These really did turn out great! Glad we did that.


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