Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Weekend: Winnie the Pooh & Ronald Reagan

My parents were in town for a visit this past weekend and we did some fun things instead of just sitting around and playing with the baby like we normally do.

On Saturday, we celebrated the upcoming release (July 15th!) of the new Winnie the Pooh film. Our office had a picnic and screenings for employees and their friends and family. Alice napped through the screening- as we'd hoped and woke up just in time to see her name in lights! We were afraid she wouldn't last long enough for us to enjoy all the festivities, but she was enamored with the bluegrass band and the other babies playing in the grass and let us hang out for several hours. But she was especially excited to meet Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore!

In all of our trips to Disneyland, she's never met a character. She has no concept of who or what they are, and I was afraid she'd be scared of them, if not completely ambivalent. When we got there, Pooh was just hanging around, waiting to meet a new friend. Alice looked a little uncertain as we approached, but once she got up close she was all smiles and laughs. She petted Pooh's fur and squeezed his hands and nose. It was absolutely adorable. Since there weren't a million other kids in line to ambush the characters, she got to spend a lot more time with them than she would have at the parks. She was so into Tigger, I actually got a little uncomfortable. He was very sweet with her though, stroking her little cheek and patting her back and dancing with her a bit. After the millionth hug, though, I finally had to pry her off and drag her away. Perhaps on our next trip to Disneyland, we'll make it a higher priority to track down some of her new friends!

Alice, meet Winnie the Pooh.
I was pretty bummed that I didn't get an awesome airbrushed tattoo. I was also pretty bummed that I forgot to bring both my camera AND my phone. It's a good thing there were plenty of other phones in the group to capture the day and Jon got some great video of Alice and her new friends from the 100 Acre Wood.

Somehow it came up in conversation with my parents that we'd all been wanting to see the Reagan Presidential Library, so we decided to make that happen on Sunday. We headed out to Simi Valley for a lovely afternoon of museum-ing. I thought the exhibit was very interesting and informative, a comprehensive look at the person and the president. The building and grounds were lovely to stroll around and we had a nice lunch at the "pub" beneath the Air Force One plane, which was a particular highlight for Jon. After we saw everything inside, we spent a little time lounging outside in the grassy area inspired by the White House South Lawn. And of course we had a little photoshoot, because how can I resist a cute baby in a sunhat, playing in the grass?! 

She doesn't love touching the grass and sometimes refuses to actually put her legs on the ground.
She isn't walking by herself yet, but she totally could. If she wanted to.

Alice's favorite souvenir? A mustard packet.
She didn't like the pickle she tasted at lunch, but she kept asking for more mustard...
As always, I took an embarrassing number of photos. You can see more in the Growing Up Senge Flickr gallery! There are a few that refused to come off my camera the first time I tried, so I may have to post just a few more. How awful, I know...


  1. OH MY GOD THESE ARE THE CUTEST PICTURES EVER! How is it possible?! I know I sound like the crazy aunt here with all these caps, but seriously, wtf. It must be all the baby training I'm observing here at our au pair orientation, but I miss that kid even more than usual! I love how into Pooh and Tigger she was, and the mustard packet? So funny.

  2. Alice has the best "awwwwwwwkward" face.


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