Friday, June 3, 2011

Growing Up Senge interviewed on Ohdeedoh!

I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but Growing Up Senge is being featured on Ohdeedoh today as part of their "Big Blog Family" series. I still kind of can't believe those words are true, I hardly trust my eyeballs. I feel like the coolest girl in school the blogosphere just asked me to sit at the popular kids' table. 

I thought I was excited when Ohdeedoh posted a photo of Alice's crib nook a couple of weeks ago. I was practically speechless when they contacted me to ask about sharing my blog as well. Ohdeedoh is one of my very favorite sources of parenting and designing inspiration and I've started following many of the blogs they've featured in this series. I am so honored (and beyond excited!) to be invited into such good company and can't believe the nice things they said!

You can read the full interview here on Ohdeedoh!


  1. It looks amazing!!! Your interview is smart, real, and entirely relatable! My sister, the blog celeb. So proud of you!

  2. Great interview, Erin! Your blog (and you!) are very deserving of this recognition. Yay!

  3. i love that you're representin' the bur! well done, lady.

  4. Ha! Thanks, Krista!!

    Again, thanks for the kind words, ladies! I am so flattered!


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