Friday, May 13, 2011

The weekend

The weekend is upon us. Lately, I've been wishing that my weekend was actually a few days of real vacation. A few days spent on the sand and in the water, dozing in the sun with a steady flow of cold and boozy drinks, staying up past 8:30pm and sleeping late, nestled in cool, crisp sheets that smell like bleach from the wash and from my chlorine-soaked skin. I saw this photo on Pinterest yesterday and if I could have crawled through my computer screen into this room, I would have. I want to lay down here with salt-crunchy hair and a little sand still between my toes, warmed and tired from the sun. I will have a book, but I will not read it. 

Source: via Collecting Lovely on Pinterest

We spent last weekend pretending that we have a life, visiting with Jon's parents, celebrating Mother's Day, and getting a few things done. It was fun and productive, but I spent Monday wishing I had another weekend day. This weekend, we're planning to get a few more birthday party preparations out of the way and make our first foray into actual gardening by planting a few container trees for our patio. If we're lucky, we may even get to visit with a few good friends. We have a lot going on in the next few weeks and weekends, and though it's all fun and exciting stuff, I'm still fantasizing about a weekend filled with nothing but sleeping and sunning. I guess that can be my motivation to get to work on the yard and turn it into our very own fabulous oasis!

I hope you all have fun weekends planned, whether they are relaxing or productive. Happy week-ending!

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  1. I can most def relate to that.. having a book but not reading it. Always seems to be the case eh? This is exactly how I've been feeling lately. Doing and going constantly, with the weekends nearly as exhausting as the week (except really it's from partying too hard, not from being productive). It's hard to remember to take time to just be. Let's go on a vacay! Hawaii, anyone?


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