Friday, May 27, 2011

Her hair grows lighter

Alice's hair was so dark when she was born, like mine was when I was born. As her hair started to grow in, Jon remarked that it was growing in lighter. For some reason, I didn't believe him. I thought it just looked lighter because there was more of it, it wasn't so short and close together. Soon, other people started to notice and comment, in photos even, and finally I agreed. Yes, her hair was definitely growing lighter.

Only after I gave Alice her first haircut did I realize that I'd cut off the dark hair she was born with. Maybe because the difference is fairly subtle, or because she has so much hair, or because it was wet when I cut it? I just didn't notice or think about it at the time. Finally, I realized that dark hair was just darkening the tips of the hair that falls in her eyes and curls around her ears. It made me cry. 

I gave her bangs another small trim not too long ago, and I think it's finally time to trim the sweet curls at the back of her neck too. There's still a little dark hair left just at the ends, but soon it will all be gone. When the light is just right, when she turns just so and holds still for a moment, I can see the dark streaks and tips. Last night, I took a photo. Can you see those darker strands, just there at her temple and above her ear?

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