Friday, May 27, 2011

A beautiful birth story

As a birthday gift for Alice, and a little bit for me, my sister recounted Alice's birth from her perspective as both an aunt and a delivery room observer. At our little family birthday party last weekend, she read the story aloud to us. It is a beautiful collection of words and feelings, and brings tears to my eyes to hear her thoughts and to remember that day. She is sharing it on her blog today and in the days to come. 

waiting. photo by Shannon David.

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  1. Hi Erin! I'm not really new to commenting, but I still will! Both your blog and Shannon's are ones on my blogroll that I visit often; I love hearing about creative projects you both are working on, as well as things about your home and work. I'm big on home renovations and DIY building/crafting, so it's always fun to see updates in that area. Also, seeing Alice grow through pictures has been so exciting!

    My view is this: Keep everything you write personal and relative to you and your life/family (which you already do - so keep it up!). That genuine voice comes through and is very relate-able. Also, update all the time! Even when you think it isn't interesting; if you have an experience that stands out or something that inspires you, share it!

    This is a personal favorite blog of mine, and she updates probably every day. You and she have a very similar style - creative and very family-oriented.

    Good luck on the blog "beef up"! :)


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