Monday, November 22, 2010

A very merry un-birthday!

Alice celebrated her six-month birthday on Saturday with solid food and a front tooth!

A week before she turned three months old, Alice got really fussy and started waking up at night unpredictably. The very day after she turned three months old, she completely shocked me and cut her first tooth (see this post for a refresher). Just over a week ago, we started seeing these same symptoms; unusual fussiness and unpredictable, prolonged night-waking. I thought it would be awfully unlikely that she'd get a new tooth exactly one day after this unbirthday, but lo-and-behold, I saw (and felt!) the first sharp bumps of her left front tooth first thing on Sunday morning. The extra nutrients from her measly few bites of solid food on Saturday must have been just enough fortification to force that little tooth through the gum.

And how did she enjoy her first tastes of food, you ask? Not so much, she answers, gagging dramatically... We hit the Burbank farmers market early on Saturday to select some delicious, in-season morsel to cook up for Alice and to get fresh produce for our early Thanksgiving feast on Sunday. I procured a lovely butternut squash, and prepared it to perfection. Unfortunately, Alice wasn't sold on the whole eating from a spoon thing. I think we'll backtrack and see if we can convince her with some nice, bland rice cereal.
At the farmers' market in the rain.
Come on, doesn't that look delicious??
Playing with her spoon. She has no idea what's coming...
I like the looks of pure, unadulterated disgust (left) and sheer horror (right). Like her mother, she eschews subtlety...
Looking pretty pleased with herself, even though she didn't finish her dinner...
I'll just keep cooking up delicious foods for her to sample, hopefully she finds her appetite for solids soon!


  1. Aahhhhahaha these are so funny!! I love the look of horror. The squash does look great though! Little ingrate baby. :)

  2. Good for you giving her healthy food. A good beginning is the foundation for healthy eating. I think the squash looks delish! You go Erin! Oh, and cute as ever!!!


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