Monday, November 15, 2010

Terrifying Teenagers

Dear Alice,

You are never allowed to look like this:

Terrifying Teenager exhibit A: Taylor Momsen. Sweet Cindy Lou Who, all grown up.
I may have just cursed myself with the above statement, but good grief. I understand the whole angst-y teen thing, and I generally endorse the expression of individuality and the right to make statements with your hair and fashion, but this is a bit much for a 17 year-old, no? I'm sure I would have disagreed back when I was that age but hopefully I can use both my own angst-y past and more subdued, current style (let's call it "classic," instead of "boring" or "uninspired") to influence Alice's fashion statements in a classier direction than Ms. Momsen here. I'd love to avoid having this specific argument in about 16 years...

Seriously, though, I know it's only a matter of time before Alice starts to develop and assert her own sense of style. One of my goals as a mother is to nurture that individuality and help her explore and realize it. I love value fashion and think it can be a fun important tool in self-expression, within the realm of affordability and age-appropriateness. Another of my motherly goals is to learn to sew so I can make clothes for myself and Alice. I think that would be a valuable tool in my arsenal, expanding our creative options without breaking the bank.

As the mother of a daughter, I hope to be able to help Alice learn how to feel comfortable and confident in her skin and her clothes; how to carry and present herself to reflect externally, with integrity, the person she is internally. Regardless of how she develops, who she becomes, and what statements she wants to make, I hope I can teach her and lead her to do it with grace and class. I think this is something to strive for, both as a woman and a mother.

Until Alice can voice her opinion, I'm going to dress her as I see fit. That currently translates into cute, comfy, cuddly onesies and footed jammies (or stuffed animal outfits). When she can support and motivate herself under her own power, we'll progress to more Cabbage Patch Kid-esque ensembles. And when she starts to assert her own sense of style, you can bet that I'll be heavily involved. Mark my words, she will not go out of the house in anything resembling the horrors of Taylor Momsen's fashion archives. I don't know where that kid's mother is, but she is clearly not reading what the Fug Girls have to say about her daughter's outfits. She should be appalled, I know I would be...


  1. Erin, I would say that Taylor's mom has been MIA for quite a long time (maybe her whole life????) which would explain the state of her attire (among other things I'm sure). I don't think Alice stands a chance of approaching anything resembling this having you there to guide her :)

  2. You do understand that kids will dress exactly how they want, regardless of what you think, right? And if you forbid something, well, that just makes it so much more delicious? Your job is to decide what's worth a fight and what is simply clothing. You really need to relax ... 16 years is a long, LONG, time. You'll have a zillion other crises in the meantime.


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