Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Date

All fancied up at the Chinese Theater
A few weekends ago, Jon and I had our first, real post-baby date. We left the house together and went to the same place together, without a baby, for the first time in five months. It was great. Weird, but great.

We left Alice at home with my mom and dad and headed off to Hollywood to attend the crew screening and wrap party for Disney's 50th animated feature, "Tangled." It is a great film, and a wonderful artistic achievement. The animation and artistry are fantastic, and the characters are wonderfully charming (especially the silent sidekicks). You should all see it with your families when it hits theaters this Thanksgiving! 

I had to call home immediately after the movie, though, what with all the onscreen baby-napping and mother/daughter drama. Luckily, Alice had gone to bed before our party even started, so we played worry-free WAY past our bedtime until I was too tired to go on.

We're going to plan some stay-at-home movie date nights until we get the urge (or a good reason) to go out again!

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