Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Family Vacation, First Tooth

We took our first vacation last weekend and joined all the Senges for a family reunion in San Diego. Alice did great in car, in the hotel, on all our day trips, and at the family dinners each night. We were able to keep her on schedule and haven't had any issues now that we're back home. It went so well, we promised to take her with us when we visit Livermore over Labor Day weekend!

Here are a few photos and highlights from our trip!

Me & my little koala check out the other koalas.

Alice wore her giraffe outfit to the San Diego Zoo, because really, what else does one wear to the zoo? She slept through the giraffes though, so I didn't get a good picture with her and her long-necked friends in their matching spots. Next time we'll go see them first instead of on our way out when we're too hot and sticky. I didn't know you could feed them giraffe-food biscuits, we will be sure to do that next time as well! Check out their fancy fence that lets them reach right down to your hand.

Alice wore her only sea-life outfit to Sea World. You may think her onesie, below left, translates to "Death 2 Whales" but I assure you, Alice is not a whale terrorist and bears no ill-will against them. It is actually an eponymous design from 826 Valencia, an organization devoted to helping children improve their writing skills. Each location is themed differently, my sister was an intern at the Pirate-themed San Francisco location. Hence the outfit. 

Alice and I in front of the Moon Jellies (the Aurelia aurita), above right. See previous posts about the various meanings of the name Aurelia. 

Alice has breakfast at the dolphin pool. Best place EVER to breastfeed.

Jon's cousin, Alexis, works at Sea World in Orlando and treated the Senges to reserved seats for the Shamu show, Believe, and the Dolphin/Pilot Whale/Acrobat spectacular, Blue Horizons. Above, a killer whale demonstrates its awesomeness during the show. Below, we hung out with the Blue Horizons dolphins backstage. We were all mutually amused.

We had a great time visiting with family and being tourists in the city we called home for five years, five years ago. But the real surprise of the weekend came during our last family dinner on Saturday night. I was letting Alice gnaw on my finger and she bit me! WITH A TOOTH! Guys, she was only one day past her 3-month birthday, I was NOT expecting this. Sure, she'd been pretty drooly and chompy lately, but those signs of teething can last months before any tooth actually appears. Lo and behold though, she's got the sharp corner of a pearly white poking up from the left side of her lower gum. I'll try to get a good photo soon. She's growing up so fast, I said "what the hey," and ordered her a beer.

Just kidding. I'd never feed beer to a baby, just so we're clear. The beer was for me, I needed it after the shock of being bit by a 3-month old - I definitely almost cried...

We're already looking forward to the next Senge family reunion, whenever and wherever it is. And until we meet again, stay classy, San Diego.

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  1. I LOVE the way she's looking at that beer. She seems to know exactly what it's for...


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