Saturday, August 14, 2010

"DON'T BUY this bulky stuff" - A product review worth reading

The Kolcraft Contours Tandem Stroller in Tangerine
I was admiring my cousin's new double stroller (don't worry, we're NOT in the market yet), so I did a little web-based research to see if it was something we might be interested in someday and I found THE funniest product review I have read to date.

I read product reviews semi-obsessively. I read as many as I can find about whatever product I'm interested in, throw out the junk and average the data to make my decision. I generally read the worst reviews first to see if any major problems are commonly identified (for example, Fisher Price cradle swings are known to catch fire. We didn't buy one.), and then I read the best reviews. I also like to peruse the mid-range reviews to see if anyone mentions anything interesting. So basically, I read them all.

Anyway, this review was just too good to keep to myself, I am still laughing about it. I posted it on Facebook a while back but it is so funny I just had to post it again here. And now, for your reading pleasure, please enjoy the only one-star review for Kolcraft Contours Tandem Stroller in Tangerine:

"Monster" by Ann Soraya 

I have read, review, looked at many double strollers in many sources and site. though I AM SO READY for bulky stroller, but this kolcraft contour tandem: 

1. The correct dimension L:56" W:25" H:40, imagine you push 56" long stroller! you look so dumb!!!
2.The way we recline the seat back is really annoying and is hurting my hand.
3.IT IS SO MONSTERY BULKY!!! even when you fold... it so HUGE! more than HUGE! cannot fit to my honda odysey or my husband lexus. and when we go to the elevator, PEOPLE HATE US SO MUCH!!! it takes all space in the elevator!!! this bulky stuff is just IMPOSSIBLE for elevator or escalator!!!
4.If you live in a palace or castle with a wide area and you have big VAN or truck as your car... this stroller will be just OK!
5.YES its heavy!!! YES people will think "GEE, what is this woman push? a TANK?"

1. My son loves to ride it, smooth ride and the cup holster are perfect! i like the belly bar too
2. The reversible seat is "BAIT-ing" point of this strolle for this price...
3. The carseat attachment is OK, than nothing....
4. Price are affordable for such a sturdy and stable stroller.

My conclusion... DONT BUY this bulky stuff, find something more compact, and pushing 56" long stroller is really LOOK WEIRD, people look at you and think you are really shameless, especially when you need to take an elevator!!! BAH!!!

if i live in america, i would have returned it...

For the record, we are currently strolling around with this sweet ride - the Baby Trend Expedition Travel System - only slightly different than the one pictured here:


  1. My god that's hilarious. Even funnier the second time. I love the "monstery bulky." I'm gonna start saying that about stuff, or people.

  2. I'm pretty sure that's what some tourists were saying about our stroller when we were in San Diego last weekend...


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