Thursday, July 8, 2010

What IS an Alice?

People keep asking if there’s any meaning behind the name we chose for our darling daughter. Someone recently asked us if Alice was named after Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Um, no. The truth is, we’d had this name picked out for a long time before we were even thinking about actually having a baby, and we can’t really even remember how we settled on it. I wish I had a good story to satisfy these questions, but we just think it’s a pretty name.

I CAN tell you some of the reasons why we like these names so much. I love the Alice in Wonderland story and all the various incarnations. I like that Alice is a classically lovely name, and it means “noble,” or “truth.” It also reminds us of Jon’s Grandma Senge whose middle name was Alyce (A-leece). As a fire sign Leo whose favorite color is orange, I love that Aurelia means “golden.” There is a character named Aurelia in “Love, Actually,” one of the first movies Jon & I saw together, on our first quasi-date - it remains one of our very favorites. I took the book pictured above on our trip to Paris last summer, I thought it only fitting... Gerard de Nerval was a French “eccentric” writer who used to walk a lobster around Paris, using a pale blue ribbon as a leash. The last pages of his story, “Aurelia,” about the love of his life, were found in his pocket when he hung himself. Beautifully bizarre.
We thought that Aurelia was a bit too fancy for a first name though. We figured she’d never be able to find keychains or toy license plates at tourist attractions (I hope they’ll have Alice ones)! I mean how many Aurelias have you met? The only one I’ve come across worked at the J.Crew in Pasadena, she was from Romania. 
I have a minor obsession with names. When I was little, I chose names for all the paper dolls I made and wrote them on the back - sometimes first, middle, and last. Now that we’ve used our girl name, we’re already trying to think of a second, matching option to have lined up for the next time. It was such a relief to not have to think about that aspect of having a baby, with everything else you have to worry about when you’re pregnant. For as much as I’m already obsessing, I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of doing it while pregnant, hormonal, and facing a deadline. We’re taking suggestions but just like this name, the final choice will remain a secret until baby can actually use it!
In the meantime, Alice Aurelia is the light of our life; our golden, noble truth.


  1. This is a wonderful post. And I love the two neck pictures next to each other! So fantastic!

  2. Thanks!

    Alice may also be excited to know that Aurelia was the name of Julius Caesar's mother and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius' daughter, as well as a road in the Roman Empire.

    Aurelia is also a genus of jellyfish, perhaps the most studied gelatinous zooplankton. Aurelia aurita, or the Moon Jelly (aka common jellyfish) is perhaps the most studied and well known of the group.

    Fun, no??


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